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Bangalore is known as India’s Silicon Valley because of its thriving information technology industry. Bangalore is India’s fifth largest and fastest growing city. Until its high- tech boom began in the late 1980s, it was known as the garden city, with greenery flourishing in its pleasant, temperate climate. Today with a growing population of young professionals, it has acquired a vibrant cosmopolitan air. If a happening lifestyle is what attracts you, Bangalore will be the perfect place for pursuing a TEFL career. A TEFL course in Bangalore will help you to grow your teaching techniques and simultaneously explore the IT capital of India. Asian College of Teachers offers an intensive TEFL course in Bangalore that will help you to develop your TEFL career with maximum credibility. The course will prepare you with the teaching strategies required by an ESL/EFL teacher along with phonetics and grammar. Once you complete the course, you will be awarded a globally recognized certificate that will help you to find TEFL jobs all across the globe.

  • 3 weeks on-site TEFL certification program
  • Comprehensive 120 hours in-class course
  • Program includes observed teaching practice sessions of 8 hours & more

TEFL course in Bangalore is an EFL teaching program of 3 weeks. The program focuses to develop the skills you need to become an efficient foreign language teacher. The course throws light on the modern methodologies that makes teaching an interesting field of work. The 120 hours of in-class course will show you the path to have a bright future. You will develop a deep knowledge in phonetics and grammar that will make you an incredible EFL teacher. The course also teaches you the tactics of classroom management which is an important aspect of EFL teaching. Classroom management techniques teach you to maintain a peaceful and favourable atmosphere in a classroom for effective learning.

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  • The course is available at a reasonable price
  • Course fees can be paid in instalments

A TEFL course in Bangalore can be availed at a very reasonable price of 55,000/- INR (18% GST as applicable). The course fee included tuition fee, course material and complete tutor guidance all throughout the classes. You can master all the EFL teaching methodologies with just a TEFL course in Bangalore.

1000 USD 800 GBP 55000 INR 35000 THB

* Taxes as applicable

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TEFL Course in Bangalore 2018 dates

  • 8th Jan - 25th Jan
  • 12th Mar - 30th Mar
  • 7th May - 25th May
  • 11th Jun - 29th Jun
  • 30th Jul - 17th Aug
  • 24th Sep - 12th Oct
  • 26th Nov - 14th Dec
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TEFL course in Bangalore offers a wide variety of accommodation and gives you the benefit of a comfort stay at a reasonable price. You will be provided with both a/c and non a/c PG accommodation for both boys and girls. The PG accommodation will be near the training centre. The girls will get it within 1.5 kilometres and the boys within 3 kilometres. The a/c accommodation is priced at INR 15, 000 for double sharing, INR 12,000 for triple sharing and INR 9,500 for four persons. The cost is inclusive of food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) along with 24 hours water supply (hot & cold), micro-oven, fridge, 32 inches TV and free Wi-Fi. The non-ac accommodation is priced at INR 8,500 for double sharing. The timing of PG will be from 6 am to 10.30 pm.

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Bangalore is one of Asia’s fastest growing cities with an altitude of 920 metres above sea level. Tree – lined streets and abundant greenery made it the “Garden City “of India. The city is an amazing mixture of art, culture and tradition. Bangalore is regarded as a place most visitors like to chill out. Along with the modern day pubs, discos and hangouts, the people in the city are warm, hospitable and friendly. Bangalore is a melting pot of varied cultures, religion and traditions and offers a view of its colonial past with a modernized present in its range of interesting tourist places like beautiful lakes and gardens, gorgeous palaces and museums, old temples, great pubs and restaurants and a happening nightlife. Since its cosmopolitan character and massive development in the IT sector, Bangalore has embraced people from every corner of the country and this has resulted in the conglomeration of varied religious communities.

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  • TEFL program opens up wide arena of career opportunity
  • You may find TEFL jobs galore in Bangalore and overseas

As the TEFL course features a globally recognized certificate, on successful completion of the course you can find TEFL job across the globe. A TEFL course in Bangalore can open up ample job opportunities. By completing this course you can teach in government, private and international schools. You may even get the opportunity to teach in commercial language institutes. Due to the increasing demand of Business English trainers in corporate sectors, there will be no scarcity of business English teaching jobs in Bangalore. With a lucrative salary and a wide range of teaching opportunities, being an EFL/ESL teacher will fulfil all your aspirations.

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  • ACT TEFL courses are accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA
  • Certificate can be Notarized, Apostle, Attested by Embassy of India in Ottawa or Washington
  • Certificates can be signed and sealed by UAE Embassy in USA or Canada
  • Canada - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and USA - Department of Foreign Affairs

The trainees will receive a globally recognized certificate awarded by TESOL Canada and Asian College of Teachers (ACT) on successful completion of Certificate TEFL course. Additionally, all Asian College of Teachers (ACT) TEFL Courses have been accredited by TESOL Canada - an international association of educators, TESOL teachers, TESOL instructors, TESOL graduates, Board of Federal Directors and Provincial Representatives across Canada with both national and international representatives. TESOL Canada programs are approved by the Ministry of Employment, Human Resources Development Canada HRDC, and authenticated through Ministry of Foreign Affairs for international use.
TESOL Canada is the registered founding member of TESOL Québec, TESOL Ontario and TESOL British Columbia. Internationally TESOL Canada is an associated member of TESOL U.S.A., TESOL European Union EUTA, TESOL Asia, TESOL Middle East and TESOL South America. ALL ACT TESOL / TEFL Certificate approved by TESOL Canada & TESOL U.S.A and certified through the Canadian Government. All ACT TEFL qualified students can also apply for TESOL Board exam through TESOL Canada to receive an exclusive TESOL Certificate certified and notarized by Canada and USA government.

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  • ACT is accredited by distinguished organization
  • TEFL courses are certified by TESOL Canada and Training Qualifications UK

Accreditation is a type of quality assurance process under which services and operations of educational institutions or programs are evaluated by an external body to determine the standards of quality. It acts as a vital tool to monitor and assess the standard and quality of education. TEFL is the ticket to travel the world and experience the different unique culture and majestic beauty of different locations.

The program provides comprehensive training on all the contemporary approaches of teaching English as a foreign language. The trainees are certified by Asian College of Teachers, TESOL Canada and Training Qualifications UK. The certificate is globally recognized preparing the trainees for better TEFL opportunities.

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