ACT SEN Partners

ACT SEN Partners

Asian College of Teachers has come a long way since its inception in 2007 and has established as a leader in teacher education and training sector. It always ensures that the students enrolling in the courses should have access to the high quality training as well as enhanced employment opportunities. ACT has teamed up with several esteemed professional bodies and is accredited by distinguished organizations to provide the best to its candidates. Asian College of Teachers’ range of teacher training courses is complete with detailed focus on current demands in the field of special education and allied areas. To aid in a better understanding of the SEN courses along with an increased chance of employability, ACT has associated with the below mentioned partners:


The special education courses from ACT, most of which are CACHE endorsed, aids in becoming effective and efficient special educators, SEN teachers, and child caregivers etc. which are very much in demand in contemporary times. CACHE is the acronym which stands for Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education and NNEB are registered trademarks owned by NCFE. CACHE certification will ensure that the special educators are equipped with the necessary competencies to help children with special needs.

CACHE was established in 1945 by the Ministry of Health, British Government under the name of the National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB). The British education board set the syllabus for the first national examination which took place in 1947. In 1994 the NNEB merged with the Council for Early Years Awards to form CACHE. In 2001 they incorporated the National Association for Maternal and Child Welfare and in 2015 became part of NCFE.

CACHE ( is continually investing in high quality qualifications for the care and education industry and is UK's leading sector specialist. They are committed to excellence and the qualifications they provide help millions of learners raise professional standards across the sector.


Asian College of Teachers is an Institutional member of International Association of Special Education an organisation that promotes awareness and understanding of issues and developments related to the education and welfare of individuals with special needs throughout the world.

Asha Kiran, Bangalore

Asha Kiran is a special needs school in Bangalore which promotes Inclusive education, embracing children with special education needs in every area, along with normal children classes all under one roof. In order to produce efficient SEN educators, ACT has associated with Asha Kiran Special Needs School, where ACT trainees can work as interns or volunteers and get a good exposure along with an in-depth knowledge on how to handle students with special needs.

Pradip, Centre for Autism Management, Kolkata

Pradip, Centre for Autism Management in Kolkata is an organization which has been providing scientific and active development of individuals with autism through appropriate planning and individualistic support and services. It also arranges workshops and awareness program by running special RCI approved courses and CRE Programs on Autism. Pradip, Centre for Autism Management brings in innovation and awareness of the latest scientific developments to provide children with autism the best interventional support. ACT has associated with Pradip, Centre for Autism Management, where ACT trainees can work as interns or volunteers and get a good exposure along with an in-depth knowledge on how to handle children with autism.

Ashiana Institute for Autism, Mumbai

Ashiana Institute for Autism in Mumbai was the first of its kind and is making great strides in the field of special education particularly focusing on helping autistic students reach their highest potential. Now they have started dealing with children with different disabilities. They have started providing job oriented vocational training along with occupational therapy, speech therapy, behaviour modification therapy etc. Ashiana Institute works with the general aim of helping the SEN children so that they are able to lead a normal life. ACT has joined hands with Ashiana Institute where ACT’s candidates can work as interns or volunteers and get a good exposure with an in-depth knowledge on how to handle SEN students mainly autistic children.

Learning Skills Academy, Delhi

ACT is into a partnership with Learning Skills Academy located in Delhi to guide our candidates in a way that is one step ahead of others. This will provide an opportunity where candidates can work as interns or volunteers and get a good exposure along with an in-depth knowledge on how to handle children with special needs.

Learning Skills Academy is set up by professionals in India and abroad with an objective to deliver treatment as a scientific method with reasoning. All the professionals who formed the organization have extensive clinical and technical experience to ensure high quality treatment for autism.

Pavani Autism Special Schools, Secunderabad

Pavani Autism Special Schools located in Secunderabad (Telangana) is helping students in reaching their highest potential and offering students a special way of learning for those who have problems with speech and are shy and have problems in communicating, walking etc. The school works with the holistic aim of helping the SEN children and bring them in mainstream society. ACT has associated with Pavani Autism Special Schools where our candidates will get the scope to gain practical knowledge by working as interns who will contribute to the organization as well and engage in further learning, skill development and application of modern teaching strategies as the future teaching professionals.

Abhilasha School for Special Children, Secunderabad

Asian College of Teachers has partnered with Abhilasha School for Special Needs Children Society to provide an opportunity to our students to apply for internship. They will get the scope to gain practical knowledge as interns and will get a hands on knowledge in working with special children. They will also develop skills to apply modern teaching strategies in classrooms in future.

Abhilasha School for Special Needs Children Society in Secunderabad is a non-profit organization which runs a school for children with special needs. It is a Special Needs School cum Rehabilitation Centre that is committed to professional excellence within a family-centered, collaborative atmosphere built on a foundation of dignity, respect and integrity. It provides Early Intervention, Therapeutic Services, Special Education, Assistive Technology and Counselling services.

Vatsalyam Centre for Autism, Chennai

ACT has joined hands with Chennai-based Vatsalyam Centre for Autism to provide an opportunity for our students to apply for internship (for 3/6 months) at the centre. The organization is a well-known centre for autism and has been functioning to help bring children suffering from autism into mainstream society and lead a life like regular people. Students selected for the internship can expect to develop the skills and knowledge to help autistic children with the following key features - self-help skills, speech and language, communication, conversation therapy, socialization, academics, and vocational areas. This kind of internship will be immensely helpful for our students in their professional lives.

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