Program FAQ

Program FAQ

Q. What is a Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course all about?
Ans : The Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course (PPTTC) is meant for the teachers who aspire to teach from lower kindergarten (LKG) up to standard V. This course will make one eligible to cater to both Pre & Primary level of students (between two and twelve age group).

Q. Do I get a Diploma certificate?
Ans : You can get your certificate according to your choice of courses and levels -Certificate, Diploma and P G Diploma. If you are looking for Degree Courses, you can opt for Bachelor's & Master's courses and Professional Doctorate in Education.

Q. Do I get any help from tutors or teachers?
Ans : Yes, you will get constant help from our tutors. You can contact the tutors through mail, chat or phone. Our tutors will guide you throughout the course and help you at every juncture. But we also expect serious efforts on the part of our students.

Q. What is the mode of instruction/learning?
Ans : The mode of instruction/learning is English.

Q. Can I teach in a Kindergarten school after doing the course?
Ans : Yes surely you can teach Kindergarten students because it is a part of Pre-school system itself.

Q. How much salary can I expect?
Ans : Salary depends on the schools. Salary ranges from Rs 4000 - Rs 20000. If you have previous teaching experience you will expect better salary.

Q. Is there a Montessori course?
Ans : Yes, of course, there are Montessori courses available in Certificate, Diploma and P G Diploma levels, catering to the age group of two to six worldwide.

Q. Can I also teach at primary level?
Ans : Yes, you surely can. You can actually teach from class one to class five which is the age group of seven to eleven.

Q. What is the training mode for this program?
Ans : The training mode for this program is online.

Q. Can you elaborate on the online mode?
Ans : In online mode we give you access to the software through a unique user ID & password through which you can access the study materials online 24x7. You can also save the online study materials on your computer and get the print outs as and when required.

Q. Is this Government recognized program?
Ans : This is an internationally recognized program which is accepted worldwide. After getting certified by Asian College of Teachers one can teach in India as well as abroad.

Q. Do you provide placement assistance also?
Ans : Yes, we do give our students 100% placement assistance once the candidates successfully complete the course.

Q. What is the duration of the course?
Ans : The course duration of Certificate course is 4 months, Diploma course is 8 months and P G Diploma course is 16 months in online mode.

Q. How do I do the teaching practice in online mode?
Ans : We have kept the Teaching Practice (TP) as optional. If you can arrange any school in your locality / city, we will provide you with the recommendation/request letter from our trainer which will help you in getting permission from the school authority to do teaching practice in that school. Working teachers can do the Teaching Practice in their own schools.

Q. Who are eligible?
Ans : Anyone with a 10+2 level qualification can apply for Certificate, Diploma Courses and those with a graduation degree are welcome to enroll in P G Diploma and MA Courses. If you have completed your school or college, then these programs can offer you a good career option. Working teachers can also upgrade their teaching skills by pursuing these programs.

Q. Is teaching practice mandatory?
Ans : No, teaching practice is not a mandatory part of the course; however, if you can do it, it would be a valuable addition. It is recommended that you arrange for your teaching practice sessions at nearby pre & primary schools. ACT can assist you by providing a recommendation letter to the school authority to serve your purpose.

Q. Is there any exam?
Ans : No, there is no exam. The assignments sent by the candidates will be evaluated and feedback will be given based on that so as to enable them to know their errors which they can further work on to improve their teaching.

Q. When will I get the certificate?
Ans :The trainer evaluates all the assignments that you send one by one, phase-wise and once you complete all the phases, the trainer assigns a project work to be completed within 2 months. Once you finish doing the research work and submit the final thesis, a final evaluation is carried out by the trainer. On the basis of this assessment, the candidate is awarded the certificate.

Q. How important it is to have a teaching qualification to get a job in pre and primary, nursery or Montessori schools in India?
Ans :A teaching qualification is a must to find employment in pre & primary, nursery and Montessori schools in India. A Montessori, nursery or pre & primary teacher training certificate is a valid license for the fresher /would-be teachers to apply for teaching posts in schools. The employers are in need of qualified and well-trained teachers in order to educate the children. Hence it is very important to get certified in teacher training in order to get jobs easily in the competitive market.

Q. How is ACT teacher training course different from others?
Ans :The courses offered by ACT are accredited and endorsed by renowned national and international educational bodies which is rare in the case of the institutes over here. In India, locally recognized Montessori courses are more prevalent. Most of the nursery or pre & primary teacher training courses are vocational / certification courses in India while ACT offers certification in teacher training program which is at par with international standard and results in better employment. The internationally recognized certificate helps you to find pre & primary teaching jobs not only within India but abroad as well.

Q. Will the schools accept my certificate?
Ans :Schools in India and abroad will surely accept and choose an internationally certified candidate over a normal Montessori/Nursery certified teacher, as ACT provides a globally accepted certificate which has been recognized and acknowledged worldwide.

Q. Does the course include videos for me to watch?
Ans :There are videos provided to the trainees so that they get a better understanding of the course offered. The videos have real-life presentations of in-class teaching. The trainees can relate to these videos for learning each phase. The trainees also get an exposure and taste of the real life teaching experience through these videos.

Q. Do you help me in job placement?
Ans :Surely we provide 100% job assistance in India and abroad. Our contact with placement agencies and schools worldwide can help you with useful information about the jobs and vacancies. You can log on to our exclusive placement page on the website and need to keep an eye on our Facebook groups. Keep in touch with our placement cell on a regular basis.

Q. Can I directly enroll in a P G Diploma course?
Ans : Yes, if you have a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

Q. Will I receive the Degree certificate from EIU if I opt for any Degree Program from EIU?
Ans :Asian College of Teachers (ACT) in academic collaboration with European International University (EIU - Paris) offers a range of Bachelor's & Master's courses and Professional Doctorate in Education. The Degrees will be awarded by EIU after the completion of the courses.

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