Governing Body

Governing Body

Global diversity has brought in a lot of changes in the ways of teaching and teacher training is going through a transitional phase. Teaching is considered to be a highly specialized field today in India and around the world and teacher quality is one of the vital factors in education. The Governing Body of Asian College of Teachers is dedicated to give teacher training in India a new dimension as it promotes high standards of educational achievements and is completely focused on improvement. The focus is on quality and all training related matters from curriculum to teaching methods systematically monitored by some of the most experienced teachers and academicians.

Teaching has always been a noble profession and has been accorded immense respect in India. The role of teachers has been constantly evolving and an array of factors like good communication skills, the ability to convey knowledge through modern teaching methods and developing individual skills besides knowledge of the subject matter remain the main focus for today’s teachers. This has led to constant research and development on teacher training and the introduction of improvised teaching techniques and improved methodologies.

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. It is also a brand of Asia Teachers Training Co., Limited, Thailand which has been into school experience programs and teacher training since 2008. ACT is a brand name of Asian College Of Teachers Ltd, UK as well and its registration number in UK is 9939942.

Asian College of Teachers has come up with this governing body and has engaged some of the great academicians who share their knowledge and expertise to create a community which will set a new direction for teacher training. ACT aims to provide a superior quality teacher training which will meet new challenges and produce expert teaching professionals who can competently fulfill his/her professional function and display knowledge and practical skills as per the requirement. ACT is always working to improve their training quality, develop relevant skills and incorporate the latest methods in their curriculum.

The Governing Body comprises of a Board of Academics which organizes meets on a regular basis thus giving teachers a chance to gain and share knowledge.

Activities of the Governing Body : -

We believe in making our courses available to teaching professionals across the globe and provide them with outstanding learning and employment related courses which will lead them towards a successful teaching career. Even our logo symbolizes this spirit with the book in the middle symbolizing knowledge and learning and the dots being learners of every hue and color because our reach has no boundaries of time and space. The two circles symbolizes the globe, the outer circle the world at large and the inner circle Asia in particular however the circle ends do not meet as we believe in the fact that our growth remains a continuous process and we are always in an expansion mode and endeavor to be present in every corner of the globe. The human form on the extreme left signifies man’s attempt to always strive and we ourselves believe in that and would like to help our learners to do the same. The color blue represents the vastness of the ocean and the sky and the orange signifies energy and positivism.

  • We have 25 to 30 teachers and professionals in our core team who are deeply involved in dispersing their expertise and experience.
  • ACT aspires to conduct conferences for the academicians at least twice a year.
  • One of the conferences will be of international level, where we might involve professionals from across the globe.
  • The other conference will constitute of local teachers and academicians.
  • Asian College of Teachers also plans to develop of E-Magazine where our venture can be shared globally.
  • Various workshops will be of help for teachers who want to learn the new methods of teaching and are interested in upgrading their skills and sharing their own experience.

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