Internship and Work

Internship and Work

Education is going through a transitional phase and pre-primary education is one of the many fields which have attracted the attention of the educators all over the world. Pre-primary education is one of the crucial periods in a child’s life and it has been given a lot of importance as an area of study as well around the world. Global diversity has brought in a lot of changes in the ways of teaching and learning of the pre-primary level students and the schools around the world are trying to create and offer opportunities to all children so that they receive a balanced all rounded education. This has led to the demand of trained teaching professionals in all areas of pre-primary education across the globe.

ACT is associated with schools and placement agencies in India and abroad

The assorted teacher training courses – Pre and primary teacher training, Montessori teacher training, nursery teacher training and early childhood care and education from Asian College of Teachers will give trainees a chance to get equipped with the new methodologies and approaches of pre-primary teaching so that they can confidently face the 21st century classrooms and get employed in India and abroad. ACT is a well known teacher training institute in the world and its emphasis on varied aspects of teacher education sets it apart from the rest. A teacher training certificate from Asian College of Teachers will help the teachers in their endeavor to get teaching jobs in India and abroad. Asian College of Teachers also gives its students 100% job assistance at the end of the course. Moreover, ACT is associated with many schools and placement agencies in India and abroad, where resumes of trainees who have successfully completed the courses are sent in on a regular basis.

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