What is young learners' course?

What is young learners' course?

Young learners who are attending pre-school and kindergartens are the most sensitive as well as active learners who are stepping into the academic world. Leaving their mother’s lap and the cozy environment of their homes, the preschoolers settle into the nursery or kindergarten and therefore, they need to feel safe and secure. Unfolding of a young child begins in a nursery and all they need are the care and nurture from pre-school teachers who assume a very important role in facilitating learning and development of a child.

Children need play centric activities

Teaching young learners is completely different than that of adults and the pedagogical approaches to teaching young learners has opened a whole new world of experimental teaching worldwide. The children should be stimulated, challenged and engaged through play centric activities. Storybooks are an important tool to help young learners develop literacy skills which aids in reading and writing at a later stage. A lot of teachers try the mosaic approach which is all about listening to children and seeing things through their eyes and finding out what they are interested in through talking to them.

Professional training is mandatory

A young learners’ course focuses on modern methodologies revolving around child centric learning which includes storytelling, rhyming games and play. Play is a young learner’s natural way to learn. Courses like pre and primary teacher training, early childhood care and education, Montessori teacher training and nursery teacher training shape an aspiring pre-primary teacher into a professionally trained caretaker of children. These courses give a keen insight and bring the expertise to work with young learners giving them a holistic development.

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