World Certification Institute (WCI)

World Certification Institute (WCI)


We at Asian College of Teachers (ACT) aspire to advance teaching and learning with a core purpose to make teacher education accessible to every corner of the globe. We strive to provide new knowledge and academic solutions to make a positive impact on teacher education and beyond. In a bid to impart quality training and build academic excellence, ACT collaborates with global accrediting bodies to meet the growing expectations of the students we educate. We are proud to share that World Certification Institute (WCI) has given accreditation to our International Teaching Diploma (ITD) course to provide the best in pre-primary training.

About World Certification Institute (WCI)

World Certification Institute or WCI is a global certifying body that grants credential awards and confers business degrees to individuals via AREL program, as well as accredits courses of organizations and has accredited 700+ world institutes and Universities till date. In other words, WCI is a Global Authority on Occupational Certification. The world body recognizes cross-national skills, competencies and professional practices that are indicative of occupational capability and derived from internationally accepted best practices.

It provides a structured assessment system to assess and certify globally accepted experiential work practices, skills, competencies and professional management. The basic criteria for receiving credential awards are adequate years of experience and demonstration of competence in a specialized field.

What does it mean to be ‘Accredited by WCI’?

WCI has accredited ACT’s International Teaching Diploma Course after carefully examining, validating and authenticating the program. The parameters included course content & duration; qualifications & competence of trainers; financial strength & integrity of course providers; available facilities & resources; method of delivery & assessment; and most importantly, their relevance to occupational & career development, the Council at the WCI has recognized our ITD course as being at par with global educational standard and bestowed the coveted accreditation on the course.

The global body helmed by a Council with verified expertise is in recognition of this authority. The Council comprises of impeccable leaders, thinkers and professionals that represents the diverse occupational fields, disciplines and areas of proficiency. With the successful accreditation of our ITD course, candidates completing the program will be considered to have met the qualification criteria for WCI Certified Credential Awards. Students opting for the WCI Credential Award (ACT certificate with WCI logo) will find competitive benefits while establishing themselves on the international platform. They will be recognized globally for the skills and knowledge acquired and the certification will be a significant part and piece of evidence for occupational competence for current and prospective employers. It will bear an advantage that the WCI award recipient is an employee of value with integrity, as all WCI award recipients abide by a Code of Ethical Practices.

The WCI accreditation is sure to bring ACT’s ITD course with the recognition and aid in reaching newer heights, the kind it truly deserves.

Benefits of enrolling in the WCI accredited ITD program

As mentioned earlier, enrolling in the WCI accredited ITD program will provide you with a competitive edge over others and aid in establishing themselves on a global platform. Candidates having a WCI accredited course certification will be recognised globally for their acquired skills and knowledge while the certification will be of immense value for aspiring or working teaching professionals around the globe.

Verifying Credentials

Students graduating from ACT’s ITD course can verify WCI’s Credential Award at WCI home page under “VERIFY CREDENTIAL” by keying in the 10 digits assigned to the Credential Award.

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