Our Mission

Educate and Empower yourself as a Internationally Trained Teacher

Asian College of Teachers aims to educate and empower outstanding global educators, education managers and educational entrepreneurs who can develop the competences and employ their skills in the field of pre-primary education, TEFL, special education and education management. The assorted teacher training courses are designed to accord the modern educators with attributes which will lend them unique teaching and management expertise to build a thriving learning environment.

Significance of our logo

We believe in making our courses available to teaching professionals across the globe and provide them with outstanding learning and employment related courses which will lead them towards a successful teaching career. Even our logo symbolizes this spirit with the book in the middle symbolizing knowledge and learning and the dots being learners of every hue and color because our reach has no boundaries of time and space. The two circles symbolizes the globe, the outer circle the world at large and the inner circle Asia in particular however the circle ends do not meet as we believe in the fact that our growth remains a continuous process and we are always in an expansion mode and endeavor to be present in every corner of the globe. The human form on the extreme left signifies man’s attempt to always strive and we ourselves believe in that and would like to help our learners to do the same. The color blue represents the vastness of the ocean and the sky and the orange signifies energy and positivism.

A call to "act"

The acronym for Asian College of Teachers is definitely ACT but it is also a call to ‘act’ now to further one’s learning, career and growth. To ACT is to take ownership of one’s own career as an individual by becoming a teacher. It is not a new fact that effective teachers touch lives. They transform, create and bring about change in individuals, societies and nations. Hence, the tagline "Teach and Touch Lives".

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