Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Train the Trainer

An advanced trainer development program for all engaged in adult training and development.

Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Train the Trainer

ACT’s Post Graduate Diploma in Train the Trainer is a completely online course that helps aspiring and experienced training professionals learn and acquire the skills in the field of professional training and development. The PG diploma course in learning and development provides practical guidance, knowledge and skills to all those pursuing the course on how to design and deliver effective training programs. Through this advanced course, the participants will learn how to prepare and develop training session plans and materials, how to assess participants' performance, and how to develop and use training techniques to address the needs of participants.

This course will help you with the following:

  • Learn the basics of adult learning theory and instructional design methodology.
  • Learn to prepare needs assessment, develop learning objectives, and evaluate the impact of your training initiatives.
  • Learn and apply effective training techniques to manage our trainees, create an engaging atmosphere by introducing a variety of learning styles, and create an effective positive learning environment.
  • Learn the effective tricks to manage classroom challenges.
  • Exhaustive study materials, notes and references are provided
  • Experienced trainers and coordinators solve your online queries
  • Packed with expert video sessions and communication with trainers

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Train the Trainer is an 8-month course that can pursued in the fast-track mode too.

  • Professionals ready to elevate their skills and demonstrate mastery in training design, delivery and facilitation.
  • A bachelor’s degree is the minimum criterion for applying

ACT corporate training programs are designed primarily for learning & development professionals – trainers, instructional designers, and organizational development practitioners but also greatly benefit anyone within an organization who is responsible for developing others from managers to human resources specialists.

  • Trainees will receive a globally recognized Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Train the Trainer from Asian College of Teachers (ACT).
  • Train the Trainer courses are approved by CPD Certification Service, UK and all our certificates come with CPD Certification Service, UK endorsement seal.
  • The course is also jointly certified by European International University (EIU). After successful completion students can claim your EIU "Professional Certificate in Train the Trainer"

Phase 1 - Training and learning

  • Teaching beliefs and values and their potential impact on learning
  • Mentoring approaches and techniques
  • Learning styles - An overview and Different training contexts
  • Maintaining trainee and trainer motivation
  • Neuro Linguistic Programing

Phase 2 - The Trainer

  • The trainer as a facilitator
  • Key characteristics of exceptional trainers
  • Understanding the mindset of an experienced trainer.

Phase 3 - Techniques

  • Build instant rapport with participants
  • Sequence criteria
  • Design multi-sensory sessions that will be effective and memorable
  • Ways to engage the audience in multi-faceted
  • Imaginative ways to facilitate learning
  • Creative ways to start a training session
  • How to encourage ‘active’ listening
  • Learning how to pace the session right
  • Livening up your training session
  • Planning effective training sessions - The key ingredients
  • Reconstructing a “disastrous lesson”

Phase 4 - The Group

  • Facilitate partner and group activities
  • Dealing with know-it-all’s and melting resistance
  • Strategies for building and maintaining healthy group dynamics
  • Cooperative Learning used as Classroom Coaching Tool

Phase 5 - Needs Analysis

  • Needs analysis and goal setting
  • Getting to know the expectations of the group

Phase 6 - The Training Environment

  • Discovering an ability to really see what’s going on in the room
  • Orchestrate the ideal environment for your training
  • Creating a learning environment through stories
  • Dealing with “difficult people”

Phase 7 - Feedback

  • What comprises effective feedback
  • Giving advice and its negative consequences
  • Different approaches to spoken feedback
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Observation skills
  • Commentary and evaluation
  • Written feedback

Phase 8 - Handling Equipment

  • Music for training
  • Power point presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Interactive Materials
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Authentic Materials

Phase 9 - Advanced Needs Analysis

  • Why we need Needs Assessment
  • The purpose of TNA is to answer some familiar questions: why, who, how, what, and when
  • The five steps to TNA
  • Best Practices

Phase 10 - Developing Delivery Resource

  • Types of delivery resources
  • Session structure
  • Format of training plans / guidance notes

Phase 11 - Methods & Media

  • Learning methods
  • Electronic media
  • Checklist for developing activities

Phase 12 - Balancing Trainer Activity

  • Introduction to the activity profile
  • Sample activity profile
  • The activity profile explained

Phase 13 - Training Session Structure

  • Introduction to the structure profile
  • Sample structure
  • The structure profile
  • The structure profile explained

Phase 14 - Training Performance Measurement

  • The Kirkpatrick model
  • Transfer of learning to the workshop
  • Measure results

Phase 15 - Capstone Phase

  • Moving to Virtual & Online Training

You will be able to know about the job opportunities mainly from:-

  • Our Face Book Page where we do periodic postings of all the job vacancies
  • Our exclusive job portal (Teachers Job World)

Who should attend:

  • Aspiring Trainers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Training Managers
  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Coordinators and Facilitators
  • Insurance Trainers
  • Voice and Accent Trainers
  • Process Trainers
  • Training engineering, MBA students and for colleges, universities
  • Anyone who has got a passion and zeal towards any kind of training

The course is definitely going to be a breakthrough for your training career with these two certificates of international level.

Centre for Training and Professional Development, a division of Asian College of Teachers boasts of exceptionally diligent faculty members who have been in the domain for more than a decade now. Our online tutors are available to solve your queries and happy to assist you via mail. You can also raise a ticket to send your queries. Our supportive tutors are there to help you always.

  • The candidates will receive a globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers.
  • All ACT courses are accredited by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)
  • ACT is a member of CPD Certification Service UK
  • Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) a member of British Quality Foundation, has accredited Asian College of Teachers (ACT)
  • The prestigious Education Quality Accreditation Commission (EQAC) has accredited Asian College of Teachers (ACT) that has met all the standards set by this Commission
  • ACT Trainer Training courses are certified by CPD Certification Service UK
  • All ACT courses are endorsed by NCC Education, an awarding organisation and a global provider of British education

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Nisha Bachhawat

It was an enriching experience and made me wiser. It was easy to follow the course with a formulated course structure. It has enhanced my level of confidence. I am working as a teacher in New York Public School, Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Nisha Bachhawat
<* Disclaimer : Results may vary
Brati Jha

I am knowledgeable, experienced and confident after completion of the training. I am looking forward to more courses from ACT and further enhancement of life and learning. The trainers were nice and have got suggestions and information that were very helpful.

Brati Jha
* Disclaimer : Results may vary

Helped in expanding my knowledge and experience the concepts closely through trainers demonstration. wonderful and must for any trainers trainer. the participants were really connected and their skills utilised to add value to the programme.

* Disclaimer : Results may vary
Roopali Agashe

The overall teaching experience has been good. Something new for me as I had no teaching background. Will need to identify from the learnings the content which will be relevant for my requirements.

Roopali Agashe
* Disclaimer : Results may vary
Nakita Vang

I had a lot of worries at first but the material is easy to understand and the coordinators are so helpful and understanding!

Nakita Vang
* Disclaimer : Results may vary

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