Supports provided for Teacher Training Courses

Asian College of Teachers is offering a bunch of comprehensive pre primary teacher training courses to help aspiring early childhood teaching professionals to acquire a diversity of skills needed to fulfill the learning goals of pre and primary students. ACT’s internationally reputed teacher training courses are aimed at teaching aspirants who will be part of the global classroom in near future. The teaching courses equip the aspiring as well as current teachers with the latest methodologies and new approaches to early childhood learning acquainting them with the opportunities and challenges of 21st century pre-primary classrooms. Moreover, the tutors associated with Asian College of Teachers are highly qualified and accomplished teacher trainers having extensive experience at all levels of teaching and training. The dynamic tutors not only provide extensive support but constantly encourage student participation and promote effective learning strategies.

Tutors provide great academic support

The trainees enrolling in any of the courses – pre and primary teacher training, Montessori teacher training, nursery teacher training, early childhood education and care, can expect complete guidance from the experienced tutors of Asian College of Teachers who are committed to helping the trainees to achieve their learning goals. With years of valuable experience the tutors provide great academic support to the trainees and guide them through all the aspects of teaching giving valuable advice in every step of the way. Moreover, ACT constantly monitors the quality of teacher training and the tutors associated with ACT provide continuous support that encourages self-learning. They share their expertise and relevant information related to the course content in a productive manner. They assess the trainees throughout the course keeping them engaged and motivated throughout. A lot of emphasis is given on the evaluation process and the tutors take a maximum of 7 to 10 days to evaluate the assignments. The trainees receive encouraging remarks along with their evaluation in each subject.

Learning Experience at Asian College of Teachers

From world-class training to excellent career prospects, we at Asian College of Teachers not just impart training but provide a memorable experience to our trainees that lasts a lifetime. We constantly drive developments in our courses and curricula in learning and teaching and collaborate with national and international academic bodies enhancing the quality of teacher training and preparing educators equipped with skills for future classrooms.

Training is imparted in varied modes of learning: -

  • In-class – If you are looking for the social component to classroom learning and keen on hands-on activities then opt for our in-class programs.
  • Live online – Our live online classes provide an opportunity of live interaction with trainers and peers and simulated classroom experience.
  • Self-paced Online – Trainees can gain an insight into the teaching methods through online courses comprising reading materials, videos and other resources.

Evaluation & Assessment

Our trainees are encouraged to not just study but imbibe the learning in theoretical as well as practical ways so that they can develop an understanding of the best pedagogical practices and reflect on their training to teaching. They are asked to attempt module based reflective questions besides multiple-choice questions. For advanced courses there are research modules and likewise assignments. The evaluation is purely based on assessment parameters and rubrics which are aligned with the learning outcomes.
Teaching Practice and Micro-teaching are also integral part of our evaluation which measure the teaching effectiveness. The evaluation is done on the basis of domains of performance, expectations of domains and evaluation rubrics.

Grading System

The trainees will have to successfully complete all the phases (compulsory), micro-teaching and teaching practice (optional) in order to be certified within the time frame. The assignments will carry comments and grades and will not show any marks. After successful completion of the course, they will be handed over a grade sheet along with the certificate.

Transcript (Grade sheet)

A transcript is an official summary of the academic performance of the trainees. It comprises final marks confirmed by the respective evaluator. A transcript is required by prospective employers or educational institutions to which the trainee is applying.

Asian College of Teachers uses a standard-based approach and follows a set rubric to assess the performance of the trainees against a predetermined set of learning outcomes and standards. A grading system is generally employed.

Requesting a grade sheet

The soft copy of the grade sheets is sent to all online students.
In-class students can send in their request for the grade sheet to their respective coordinators.
The hard copy of the grade sheet can also be availed by paying extra charges.

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