PG Diploma in Counselling Children and Youth with Specialization in managing Trauma, Grief & Loss in Children

Asian College of Teachers’ Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Children and Youth with Specialization in managing Trauma, Grief & Loss in Children is developed by experienced Canada-based professionals Mr Storme and Ms Bale. The course enables candidates to deal with sensitive issues in counselling children, resolve such issues for young clients and enhance their knowledge to be competent counsellors.

PG Diploma in Counselling Children and Youth with Specialization in managing Trauma, Grief & Loss in Children

  • The Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Children and Youth with Specialization in managing Trauma, Grief & Loss in Children is relevant for aspirants looking forward to a counselling profession. Moreover, experienced professionals who need to upgrade their knowledge base to adapt to the requirement of 21st century clients would benefit from this course.
  • Develop effective listening skills, acquire micro skills and psychological first aid from the extensive curriculum of the course in order to master the skills of counselling and craft a successful career in counselling.
  • Receive constant tutor support from the experienced Canadian course developers Mr Storme and Ms Bale along with the availability of useful online materials and videos provided by ACT.
  • Achieve a globally recognised ACT certificate with the signatures of Canada-based course developers Mr Mervin Storme and Ms Ann Bale, who are accomplished professionals in the field of counselling for over 30 years, in order to increase likeliness of your success as a counsellor.
  • Expose yourself to ample job opportunities with the completion of the Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Children and Youth with Specialization in managing Trauma, Grief & Loss in Children in in the fields of guidance and career counselling, school counselling, mental health counselling and veteran counselling.

Candidates can enrol in the course via an online method and offers enough flexibility to the candidates pursuing from any part of the globe. The course duration is of 18 months which the candidates can continue at their pace and according to their schedule. Full tutor support is offered throughout the course.

P G Diploma in Counselling Children and Youth with Specialization in managing Trauma, Grief & Loss in Children is an advanced course priced at 71,390 INR which benefits in acquainting the candidates with the necessary skills towards becoming a successful and efficient educator or a counsellor.

71,390 INR * 1100 USD 850 GBP 35,450THB

* Inclusive of GST

  • A Bachelor’s degree is the preferred criterion
  • Age limit of 18 years or above
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English
  • Basic computer skills

The candidates who are planning a career in counselling profession will get comprehensive knowledge related to counselling or even for experienced professionals who need to upgrade their knowledge base and skills, keeping in tune with the contemporary requirements of the 21st century clients; they will be adequately benefitted from enrolling in this advanced Counselling Course.

  • Globally recognized certificate from ACT is awarded on successful completion
  • The certificates will be duly signed by Mr Mervin Strome and Ms Ann Bale

On successful completion of Certificate in Counselling course, the candidates will be awarded a globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers, bearing the Authorised Signatures of the Course Developers, Mr Mervin Strome and Ms Ann Bale, both of whom are distinguished professionals in their field and have been working in Education, Counselling, Psychology and Psychotherapy for over 30 years.

Mr. Mervin Strome – Mr Mervin has a Master’s Degree in Counselling and worked as a counsellor in private practice and for professional counselling agencies.

Ms. Ann Bale – Ms. Ann has a Master’s Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling, and has completed a year of psychotherapy training.

The certificates awarded have an added advantage as the word “Online” will not be mentioned in the certificates. Shipment of certificates within India is done free of cost but the candidates residing outside India are required to pay an additional fee. Generally after submission of all the assignments and completion of the course, the candidate has to pay the dispatch fee. It takes a maximum of 3 weeks for the certificates to reach the candidate’s address.

The curriculum for the P G Diploma course in Counselling Children and Youth with Specialization in managing Trauma, Grief & Loss in Children has been divided into 18 modules.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Counselling Skills
  • Module 2: Exploring Effective Listening Skills
  • Module 3: Acquiring and Using Microskills
  • Module 4: Introducing Egan’s The Skilled Helper Model
  • Module 5: Applying Egan’s The Skilled Helper Model
  • Module 6: Ethics in Counselling
  • Module 7: An Overview of Child Development and the Therapeutic Relationship
  • MModule 8: Play Therapy and Expressive Techniques
  • Module 9: Family Issues
  • Module 10: Grief & Loss, Abuse, Self-Harm and Suicide
  • Module 11: Self-Esteem, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Gender and Sexual Identity
  • Module 12: Eating Disorders and Substance Related Disorders
  • Module 13: An Introduction to Trauma, Grief & Loss
  • Module 14: The Complicated Journey through Trauma, Grief & Loss
  • Module 15: The Impact on the Family
  • Module 16: Play therapy & Expressive Techniques
  • Module 17: Psychological First Aid
  • Module 18: The Successful Management of a Crisis or Trauma

The course comprises of six knowledge and practice based learning modules (comprehensive course notes), enhanced with suggested background reading, reflection activities and submission of tutor-marked assignments. There is one marked assignment per module. The courses are offered on a part-time basis and can be completed within 18 months. Candidates also enjoy the flexibility to complete the course in a shorter time frame.

  • Easy admission process
  • Application can be submitted online
  • Opt for any online payment scheme

Candidates aspiring to venture into the field of counselling may enrol in the course by filling up an online application form with all the relevant details, correct email id and phone number as all the communication will be forwarded there. Once the application form is submitted, the candidates will receive the course details via email and phone call from ACT’s admission executives. The course fee payment details will be mailed to the candidates once they confirm their enrollment. The course fee can be paid through online payment using Debit / Credit Card or by depositing Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft to our bank account. After the payment is credited the candidates will be receiving payment confirmation with online admission form. They need to fill up the same and submit in order to get online access to the course.

Certified and skilled counsellors are much in demand in various countries across the world. Completion of the course will open up job opportunities for aspiring educators and counsellors to work in schools, further education colleges, universities and higher education colleges. However, the requirement for registered counselling professionals has been fast catching up in Asian countries as well, including India. Counselling was considered to be a niche profession which only a handful of professionals practicing in this profession were able to cater to. The age of globalisation and the change in the lives of men have lead to the evolution of counselling courses such as these. After completing our Diploma Course, you may choose to focus on any arena from among the various fields like - Guidance & Career Counselling, School Counsellor, Mental Health Counsellors, Veteran Counsellor etc. and then get excellent employment opportunities from various corporate organisations/hospitals/educational institutes in the world around.

This advanced course can also be pursued by those into research work or who are into the field of academics in colleges and universities, willing to upgrade their know-how and get certified in the same.

  • Complete tutor support throughout the course
  • Candidates can learn at their own pace
  • Additional support of reflection activities and reference materials
  • Queries can be solved via email and chat

The candidates enrolling in P G Diploma course in Counselling Children and youth with Specialization in managing Trauma, Grief & Loss in Children can expect complete guidance from the course developers Mr Mervin Strome and Ms Ann Bale, who are committed to helping the candidates to achieve their learning goals. With years of valuable experience they provide great support to the trainees and guide them through all the aspects of teaching giving valuable advice in every step of the way. They extend their tutoring support by sharing relevant information and answering questions related to the course content. Since the course of ACT offer the candidates flexible learning they can take the opportunity to learn at their own pace and clear their queries from the course developers as and when required.

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Nisha Bachhawat

It was an enriching experience and made me wiser. It was easy to follow the course with a formulated course structure. It has enhanced my level of confidence. I am working as a teacher in New York Public School, Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Nisha Bachhawat
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Brati Jha

I am knowledgeable, experienced and confident after completion of the training. I am looking forward to more courses from ACT and further enhancement of life and learning. The trainers were nice and have got suggestions and information that were very helpful.

Brati Jha
* Disclaimer : Results may vary

Helped in expanding my knowledge and experience the concepts closely through trainers demonstration. wonderful and must for any trainers trainer. the participants were really connected and their skills utilised to add value to the programme.

* Disclaimer : Results may vary
Roopali Agashe

The overall teaching experience has been good. Something new for me as I had no teaching background. Will need to identify from the learnings the content which will be relevant for my requirements.

Roopali Agashe
* Disclaimer : Results may vary
Nakita Vang

I had a lot of worries at first but the material is easy to understand and the coordinators are so helpful and understanding!

Nakita Vang
* Disclaimer : Results may vary

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