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Benefits of Learning Ways to Develop Young Learners for Future Pre and Primary Educators

19th February 2020

It is never an easy task for tomorrow’s pre and primary educators to learn the ways of helping the children under their tutelage to transform into students, which might be a disadvantage while becoming successful educators. In this blog, we will have a look at the various ways of helping the children to pave a path of successful transition into young learners, which is important to understand for the learners of the pre and primary teacher training courses, expected to become able educator ...


6 Social Skills That Can Be Very Useful for a Future Pre and Primary Educator

1st November 2019

There are certain skills which a person living in the modern society needs to inculcate in order to socialise in a better way with his/her peers and colleagues. These social skills, being a part and parcel of the everyday life of a person, needs to be inculcated from the very childhood and the pre and primary teacher is expected to play a significant role in that. This leads a future pre and primary, who is currently a student of an online pre and primary teacher training course, to know and und ...


Role of Stress Management in a Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course in Kolkata

6th September 2019

In modern day education, every teacher has to play a number of roles in the classroom in order to maintain the flow of the course curriculum as well as manage the in-class activities. The situations are not always conducive for the teacher to carry out the aforementioned procedures in a proper and pre-determined way. The implementation of stress management could put an end to these complications, which might deter the completion of the course curriculum within the stipulated time frame. In the f ...


5 Creative Techniques That Leave a Long Lasting Impact On Training Process

29th April 2019

Creativity is how a person is able to understand and trade on new avenues so as to get feasible solutions to problems that hinder the smooth flow of a particular process. Training is one such process which is a complex one and often becomes monotonous, which is very natural as it follows a prescribed routine for a very long time. However, a hearty dose of creativity can always make the training processes a little offbeat and interesting for the learners including complex professional courses lik ...


5 features of the learning theories that leave their impact on an educational course

17th April 2019

Education is the basis of knowledge for any civilized country and its culture. Knowledge is derived from a number of learning theories, which has evolved from time to time under the influence of various circumstances and new innovations. With the advent of information technology, these theories are widely expressed and recognized by almost every educational course. There are innumerable theories circulating the various educational courses and here are 5 such impactful learning theories. The l ...


Learning Models Are Improving Keys For Your Pre And Primary Teaching Career

11th April 2019

Today, the professional environment is incredibly competitive. Lifelong education is the key to bring success in this scenario and to achieving your personal and professional goals. Though ideal for most, the traditional classroom setting can be very limiting for some, and it is here where the prime challenge of being a teacher comes into play. With relevance to your diploma in pre and primary teacher training you need to strategies the instruction processes. This would automatically require you ...


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