Facts About Covid19 On EFL That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

25th August 2020


The COVID-19 has immensely affected the EFL industry around the world at present, the real condition is quite contrasting nowadays. How the EFL teachers carry out online EFL learning as well as its challenges, read the blog to know more. ...


Essential Attributes You Need to Teach Your Learners for a Future World

12th August 2020


As a 21st century teacher, you need to set up your students with emerging skills so that they can survive and become more competitive. The ECCED course normally trains teachers like you by developing all the indispensable attributes Read the blog to know more. ...


How to Manage a Virtual Classroom in 21st Century Web Based Learning World

20th July 2020


Proper classroom management ways will perk up your web-based virtual teaching experience. However, what are those classroom management methods that can you use to be effective in your online TEFL teaching? Explore some of the supportive information for the virtual classroom management by reading the blog. ...


The 7 Steps Needed For Putting Your Dream of Online Teaching into Action

1st July 2020


Online teaching careers are open to all, especially at this time. The write-up shares some of the comprehensive and necessary steps that you should know before entering the world of online education. As an effective pre and primary teacher, you spend the entire day focusing on the development of your young learners, so find out the techniques. ...


Advancing Cognitive Development among Preschoolers within Webinar Based Learning

16th June 2020


The cognitive development in the areas of memory, concentration, attention, and perception is extremely necessary for a child’s development. Along with this, the information and communications technology also present a perspective for a child’s cognitive growth as well as improvement in today’s web-based learning world. Read the blog to discover more. ...


Lesson Plans in Early Childhood Education for the 21st Century Teaching Practice

2nd June 2020


Usually, the early childhood education is being supported for the hale and hearty development and fostering of all the important foundations while teaching the young learners. Teachers are the best individuals to bring out the best resourcefulness from a child and reach that to the peak of accomplishment. The study discloses the need and consequence of the suitable lesson planning in order to accomplish successful teaching-learning training. ...


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