5 Points That Describe the Truth That How Augmented Reality Helps in Early Childhood Care and Education

17th December 2019


The early childhood care and education sector have experienced a huge change over the last decade. The blog describes the reality that how the augmented reality technology can be the forthcoming experience and a mode of training among the children’s curriculum program. AR (augmented reality) offers a lot of opportunities to early childhood that can’t be mistreated. ...


5 Key Anxiety Situations of Teaching and How to Handle Them Effectively

6th December 2019


Generally, teachers come into the teaching as they would like to help the learners become skilled, productive and happy adults. At the same time as their principal worry is education, over and over again teachers discover the fact that they are performing some other responsibilities as well, such as counselling, mentoring, being authoritarian and so on in 21st-century teacher training. Just to help you out, the blog shares some of the useful and helpful suggestions to handle all those crucial an ...


The Benefits Derived by The Apt Utilisation of Technology for The Future Educators

21st November 2019


Education has evolved over the years and modern day education does not only depend on the online as well as in-class lectures. It has advanced with time and has helped the students as well as educators with the implementation of a number of techniques in the course curriculum, one of them being the apt utilisation of technology. In this blog, we will have a look at the benefits that can be derived by the usage of technology which the learners need to inculcate in the lesson planning of a teacher ...


6 Social Skills That Can Be Very Useful for a Future Pre and Primary Educator

1st November 2019


An educator, especially one who is responsible for the education of the children at a pre and primary level, needs to have an in-depth understanding about the various social skills related to the pertained education. This lets him/her teach the children in a better manner. In this blog, we will have a look at a few such key social skills, which can be useful for the learners of an online pre and primary teacher training course when they start their career as an educator. ...


8 Ways of Student Engagement That an Educator Should Know

16th October 2019


A future educator should learn the traits of student management and engagement for application in the sphere of student development, especially for those who are expected to deal with the children when they start teaching, such as the learners of an online teacher training course in early childhood care and education. This blog is directed towards the traits these future educators need to inculcate for engaging the little ones into the course curriculum and cater to their development. ...


Importance of Play Activities and The Ways They can be Helpful for Future Educators

3rd October 2019


There are a number of activities that are beneficial for the development of the children in a nursery environment. The future educators need to understand how to put these activities into utilisation to make the overall teaching-learning procedure a better and a more impactful one for the young learners. In this blog, we will have a look at the benefits of play activities and impact on the trainees of post graduate diploma in nursery teacher training course. ...


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