Non-Verbal Teacher-Student Discipline Strategies For Restoring Quiet in the Classroom

19th July 2023


Your class can be a nightmare if your students don't listen. Furthermore, your well-planned resources and lessons can go wasted if behavior prevents learning. Thus, improving your nonverbal strategies can help you become a better teacher. Here are some techniques to transform your class effectively. ...

Written By : Sheetal Sharma


Harness the Potential Of Micro and Nano Learning in Education: Complete Guide

11th July 2023


As time passes the traditional way of teaching is getting faded and it’s getting replaced by the Virtual Online Teaching method. Modern learners want to learn at their own pace and comfort and the Micro and Nano Learning method is making it possible. Explore our informative guide, to gain more insights. ...

Written By : Rimpa Ghosh


Exploring the Multifaceted Nature of Cognitive Bias For Better Understanding

26th June 2023


If you have ever made a quick decision founded on supposedly supporting research and it backfired, you were most likely under the influence of cognitive bias. These biases tend to make individuals take decisions irrationally. Read on to understand why cognitive biases happen and to avoid them for better decisions. ...

Written By : Bindita Sinha


The UK Government Announces Relocation Grant Of Rupees 1 Million For Teachers Abroad

14th June 2023


Teaching is an incredibly noble profession and hence the British Government wants to attract the very best teachers from all across the globe. Read on to find out the eligibility criteria, how will the scheme work, and a lot more. ...

Written By : Sanjana Chowdhury


Crafting Your Ideal Online English Teaching Schedule: Top 5 Tips

10th June 2023


If you have suddenly found yourself teaching online, you definitely are not alone. English teachers all over the world have faced the same situation and thus it is sometimes tricky to understand where to start. Read on to learn some of the best teacher tips for teaching English online and delivering excellent online sessions in no time at all. ...

Written By : Sonal Agrawal


Degree Vs Diploma: Who Wins The Battle?

31st May 2023


Although both degrees and diplomas represent achievements in education, they differ significantly in terms of their depth of study, duration, curriculum, academic requirements, and implications for career advancement. Read on to learn the major distinctions between degree vs diploma so that you can make the right choice. ...

Written By : Sheetal Sharma


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