Lesson Planning Calendar For Preschoolers Is Not Tougher Anymore

22nd April 2022

A career as a pre and primary teacher is full of challenges regularly. Dealing with those little souls is a big shot. A preschool teacher is responsible to a great extent for the social development of toddlers and students who are in their early childhood. Young children have lots of demands and tantrums. To get themselves aligned to those whims, pre and primary school teachers must be very much confident.

A certificate in pre and primary teacher training course prepares a teacher to deal with toddlers. A basic funda of having a preschool smoothly functioning is to create a weekly plan for preschoolers. The importance of a preschool planner is vital because it will help teachers to schedule the lesson plans very effectively.


Preschool lesson plan calendars reflect an outline of skills and concepts a preschool teacher hopes to teach throughout the school year periodically. Such planning is known as a scope and sequence or a curriculum map. A preschool calendar or preschool calendar activities is simply a road map for what a teacher aims at teaching for the year. Every successful preschool teacher has a scope and sequence or curriculum map they follow.

Tackling toddlers have never been a walk in the park!

The first step to creating a lesson plan calendar for preschoolers is to have the calendar for all months of the year. There are several lesson plan templates and free printables available online that can be used by a preschool teacher. The days of the week should be evaluated very carefully to assign classes and activities accordingly. Teaching methodologies depend a lot on the calendar and hence, considering the age group as well a foolproof calendar has to be created.


The calendar must have the following things mentioned:

  • Beginning of the school year.
  • Ending of the school year.
  • Holiday parties.
  • Holiday breaks.
  • Birthdays of students.
  • Field trips if any.
  • Other interruptions to teaching (maternity leave, surgeries, vacations, etc.)

Based on these facts a preschool teacher can create a concrete plan for activities and lesson plans. Study materials should be designed keeping in mind the vacations and holidays. This will ensure efficient classroom management. Highlight important dates of celebration like Independence Day, Foundation Day, etc. Besides, if there is a ritual of celebrating students’ birthdays, highlight those dates as well.

In the case of field trips, a lot of preparation is needed before the field trip happens. Teachers have to teach the toddlers about the rules and regulations, the behavioral patterns they should follow, how long will this field trip continue, if there be any break or not, and so on. Several other fun activities can be arranged for toddlers that are absolutely cost-effective and immensely engaging!

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Planning a solid circle time for toddlers is of utmost necessity. A circle time can generally begin with a morning song that is very lively and will provide energy to students to begin their days actively. A perfect circle time can be accomplished if a preschool teacher conducts certain activities inside the classroom.

Language arts are essential parts of circle time as they cover the areas of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Toddlers keep doing activities with the alphabet, listening skills, phonics, rhyming words, and handwriting.

Fine motor (small movement) and gross motor (large movement) encompass the whole motor skills. Building up fine motor skills will help with holding a pencil and handwriting skills is an effective task for toddlers.

Preschool teachers must focus on math that is within the level of preschool learners. It consists of counting, colors, patterns, number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, shapes, sorting, graphing, money, ordering, matching, and subtilizing.

Having said so, encouraging and motivating students to actively participate in any classroom or outdoor activities is not always that easy! This somehow restricts their development and hampers their career in the long run. Let’s throw some light on how to engage toddlers in various activities both inside and outside the classroom.

The bottom line is that preschool calendars if constructed keeping in mind the needs of the students and their mental capabilities play a great role in boosting the overall growth and development of toddlers. Certificate in pre and primary teacher training course is guiding pre and primary teachers to minutely study the school calendar and mark important events. Preparing a preschool planner before a school year begins is always recommended.

Written By: Sheetal Sharma      

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