Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Asian College of Teachers’ Special Education (Learning Disabilities, ADHD and autism) course covers the overall learning disabilities in the classroom with focus on Learning Disabilities, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and Autism.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Asian College of Teachers,UK introduces Certificate, Diploma and Post Graduate courses in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) which gives a deeper insight into the condition. The course also gives you a detailed idea about ADHD and will acquaint you with the types of behavior related with ADHD and how to identify those in various learners - children, adolescents etc. It also teaches you the proper strategies and approaches to adopt in order to understand and maintain a warm relationship with the learners and foster a proper learning environment in the classroom.

The Certificate course will teach you the basics as it is a behavioral condition that usually occurs in early childhood and can generally be diagnosed in the pre-school stage of a child. The Diploma level is an advanced stage of the program and deals with the identification and problem solving among others. The Post Graduate Diploma level is a much advanced stage that provides a complete and detailed knowledge on the subject of ADHD and aids in understanding the various support required at various stages and their effectiveness as well as the possible outcomes.

With P G Diploma course you also get an additional CACHE (UK) endorsed course – Recognising and Supporting Children with Special Needs that will aid you in becoming an effective educator and will equip you with the necessary competencies to help children with special needs.

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The course equips the prospective teachers with the skills and techniques that are required to address the needs of ADHD learners.
This is a Online self paced program designed, developed and created by Asian College Of Teachers Limited, UK

  • Duration of Certificate course is 4 months, Diploma is 8 months, P G Diploma is 12 months
  • Courses can also be pursued in the fast-track mode
  • Candidates can learn at their own pace and time
  • Course can be accessed anytime, anywhere

Certificate in Special Education is a contemporary course tailored for aspiring special education needs (SEN) teachers planning a career in teaching children with disabilities. The course equips the prospective teachers with the vital skills and methods to address the needs of the special learners can be completed in 5 months. The certificate course offers enough flexibility to the candidates who can pursue it from any part of the globe in online mode. It is the responsibility of a special education or shadow teacher to facilitate learning and development through special activities and at the same time maintaining the natural rhythm of the young children. This proves the fact that teachers who are planning to be special education teachers must undergo professional course to get acquainted with the coaching methods of educating children with disabilities.

The course can be availed by both aspiring and experienced teachers. The course is eligible for -

  • Aspiring/working teachers or SEN teachers
  • Shadow teachers
  • Teachers-in-charge
  • Advisors/ counselors in educational institutes
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs willing to open a crèche or a day-care centre

The courses are available in online mode and can be availed at a reasonable price.

  • Course can be availed at a reasonably affordable price
  • Course fee is 13,000 INR for the Certificate level, 18,000 for the Diploma level, and 35,000 INR for the P G Diploma level

ACT’s online course on ADHD can be availed in 3 different levels which can be availed at reasonable course fee. Candidates with basic computer skills and an internet connection can take up this online course. Teaching children with special education needs is different to some extent when compared to teaching regular children and every learning institution today prefers teachers equipped to deal with varied learners. The course at each level – Certificate, Diploma or P G Diploma is sure to benefit you to gain insight into the behavioural pattern of special children in today’s classrooms, anywhere across the world.

Certificate 13,000 INR
Diploma 18,000 INR
P G Diploma 35,000 INR

The certificates which are shipped within UK, Thailand and India are done free of cost but those who are residing outside India are required to pay an additional fee which needs to be paid after the submission of all the assignments. A maximum of 3 weeks is required for the certificates to reach the candidate’s address.

  • Completely online with provisions for doubt-clearing sessions
  • Globally recognized certificate from ACT, UK
  • Candidates completing the PG Diploma level of the course can avail the coveted certificate from CACHE for completing the CACHE(UK) endorsed course - Recognising and Supporting Children with Special Needs.
  • Certificates are issued by Asian College of Teachers, UK
  • Course accessible from any corner of the globe at any time
  • The course can be pursued alongside other commitments in your life
  • Comprehensive study materials
  • Our co-coordinators and tutors provide support and guidance throughout
  • Assignments at the end of each module
  • Support team is there to clear your doubts and queries

The courses in ADHD prepare you as an educator equipped with teaching strategies and approaches for pupils with ADHD. After successfully completing the respective levels of the course on ADHD, many new and exciting opportunities will open up in your professional teaching career. Any course you choose will instill the knowledge and lend expertise to keep you one step ahead.

Completing any of the courses will broaden your scope as an educator and you can look forward to roles like Shadow teacher, Class teacher in an inclusive classroom, Advisor/ counselor etc. This course can be immensely helpful for school administrator/ co- coordinator/ curriculum developer, budding entrepreneur etc.

Candidates will get complete support throughout the course as they can email their queries and ACT support team will reach out to them at the earliest.

  • This is an online self-paced course from ACT, UK
  • Candidates can learn at their own pace and convenience
  • 100% placement assistance for all students

Complete online support from our experienced tutors of Asian College of Teachers for the Special Education program. ACT tutors are committed to helping every candidate achieve their learning goals and are always there to share their knowledge and provide solutions regarding their queries. ACT tutors and coordinators provide the much needed support and guidance throughout. Since the course offers flexible learning the candidates can take the opportunity to learn at their own pace and clear all doubts as and when required.

  • The candidates will receive a globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers, UK.
  • Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) recognised by UKVI in the UK, a member of the CHEA International Quality Group in the USA, and the British Quality Foundation, has accredited Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and awarded commendable grades in the area of Learning and Teaching; Course Delivery. Accreditation by ASIC demonstrates ACT’s commitment to being a quality education provider, respected worldwide.
  • All ACT courses are accredited by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)
  • ACT SEN courses are certified by CPD Certification Service UK
  • Most of our Special Education courses are endorsed and accredited by CACHE which is a part of the famous UK based NCFE.
  • Asian College of Teachers is a member of The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET)
  • All ACT courses are endorsed by NCC, an awarding organisation and a global provider of British education

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Nisha Bachhawat

It was an enriching experience and made me wiser. It was easy to follow the course with a formulated course structure. It has enhanced my level of confidence. I am working as a teacher in New York Public School, Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Nisha Bachhawat
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Brati Jha

I am knowledgeable, experienced and confident after completion of the training. I am looking forward to more courses from ACT and further enhancement of life and learning. The trainers were nice and have got suggestions and information that were very helpful.

Brati Jha
* Disclaimer : Results may vary

Helped in expanding my knowledge and experience the concepts closely through trainers demonstration. wonderful and must for any trainers trainer. the participants were really connected and their skills utilised to add value to the programme.

* Disclaimer : Results may vary
Roopali Agashe

The overall teaching experience has been good. Something new for me as I had no teaching background. Will need to identify from the learnings the content which will be relevant for my requirements.

Roopali Agashe
* Disclaimer : Results may vary
Nakita Vang

I had a lot of worries at first but the material is easy to understand and the coordinators are so helpful and understanding!

Nakita Vang
* Disclaimer : Results may vary

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