Understanding Various Social Challenges Of Children With Learning Difficulties

Understanding Various Social Challenges Of Children With Learning Difficulties

Children with learning difficulties, not only have problems in understanding and executing concepts in academics but also face issues in connecting with friends, family and other people in the environment. The difficulty in the ability to read facial expressions, emotions and social cues of others may seem to be the nature of the individual to adults. However, the other children may not be able to understand the behavioural weirdness and may end up teasing and bullying the children with learning problems.

Learning disability courses, courses in Special Education can help you identify the cause of social challenges faced by children with learning problems and help in innovating ways to help these kids manage their behaviour and learn social strategies. To help children deal with learning problems it is imperative to understand the reason behind such behaviour and social challenges.

Children with learning difficulties find it difficult to recognise feelings from facial expressions, tones of the voice or body gestures. They may not be able to reciprocate feelings when expected or in the way, it is expected. They may have trouble understanding the humour or sadness or even anger of the others and may end up reacting in ways that cannot be accepted socially.

They may either be very talkative to the extent of blurting out inappropriate language and irrelevant points or maybe withdrawn completely. This may lead to rejection from peers or even other adults in society in different situations and circumstances. The reasons behind such behaviour are- the process in cognition, difficulty in comprehension, difficulty in organisation and difficulty in retrieving language.

Process in Cognition

The cognitive process helps us in receiving information from the environment, process it for true understanding and then process our reaction to react appropriately. For brains wired differently, this multistep action becomes challenging as the brain does not work in the desired way to produced desired reactions. However, children with learning difficulty find it challenging to process all these steps and produce the desired reaction or appropriate language to express their feelings.

Difficulty in Comprehension

Children with a learning difficulty may have challenges in receiving information. The lack of receptive skills may end up challenging them to comprehend not only the expressions of others but also spoken language. They fail to understand social norms or rules like the other kids who would naturally know the difference between right or wrong in their behaviour.

Difficulty in Organisation

Children with ADHD, have trouble with their executive functions and hence are unable to figure out how to organise their thoughts and respond according to the need of the situation as they prioritise some over others. They have trouble in self-regulation and end up with impulsive reactions irritating the other children or even some adults at times.

Difficulty in retrieving language

As children with Learning difficulty fall short of words due to delayed retrieval of language, they fail to express their feelings or thoughts or views in social situations. Such conditions push them into the dark corners of rejection and non-acceptance from the social environment.

The best way to help children facing social challenges is first accepting them with their shortcomings and then helping them gain self-esteem. This would in turn help them gain confidence to regulate their thought process and strategize ways to manage their behaviour in any social set-up. Learning disability courses, Special Education Course can help you get more insightful and workable solutions to such problems and ways to successfully help children with learning disabilities overcome social challenges.

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