Teachers Training Courses in Secunderabad

Teachers Training Courses in Secunderabad–Providing A Holistic Education System

The Teachers Training in Secunderabad aims to nurture students with values and educational methods that encourage them to discover and unfold their personality in the best way.

The vast number of schools in Secunderabad offers profound subject knowledge, basic skills and intelligence.

Apart from focusing on appropriately developed curriculum, the education system in Secunderabad lays great emphasis on encouraging the child through exploring life skills.

Guide & Support Children with Counselling Courses in Secunderabad

Children often face difficult situations in the path of their growth. It is imperative for teachers to have a specialized training in counselling courses in Secunderabad to be able to explore the mind of a child.

The counselling courses enable educators to identify areas for each child and build programs and activities to ensure them a safe growing environment.

It also trains educators with the principles of child behaviour and ways to deal with behavioural and emotional issues.

The counselling course also enables teachers to have a better understanding of the child through theory and practical training.

Soar in Your Teaching Career with School Leadership Program for Teachers in Secunderabad

ACT provides School Leadership Program for teachers in Secunderabad which is a much needed professional development program for honing the leadership skills of educators.

A school leader defines educational and life goals for the young learners, aiming to shape them as positive human beings. School leaders are given the requisite knowledge and skills needed to play the role of a proactive leader for students.

Educators, who take on the mantel of school leaders play pivot roles in shaping a vision of academic success for all students, create a hospitable climate for students and cultivate leadership qualities in others.

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Nisha Bachhawat

It was an enriching experience and made me wiser. It was easy to follow the course with a formulated course structure. It has enhanced my level of confidence. I am working as a teacher in New York Public School, Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Nisha Bachhawat
Brati Jha

I am knowledgeable, experienced and confident after completion of the training. I am looking forward to more courses from ACT and further enhancement of life and learning. The trainers were nice and have got suggestions and information that were very helpful.

Brati Jha

Helped in expanding my knowledge and experience the concepts closely through trainers demonstration. wonderful and must for any trainers trainer. the participants were really connected and their skills utilised to add value to the programme.


The overall teaching experience has been good. Something new for me as I had no teaching background. Will need to identify from the learnings the content which will be relevant for my requirements.

Roopali Agashe
Nakita Vang

I had a lot of worries at first but the material is easy to understand and the coordinators are so helpful and understanding!

Nakita Vang

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