School Leadership Programme

School Leadership program- Finland

School Teachers & Leaders Global Program- Finland

Asian College of Teachers offers School Leadership Program in Finland for academic leaders and experienced teaching professionals that are designed in a way so as to give the candidates a valuable exposure and feel of the Finnish education and excellence. The program will enhance and develop the present skills of the candidates with an eye opening experience and latest views on the various methodologies relating to teaching and learning. Apart from exploring Finland and its culture, the course has been tailored to give candidates an opportunity to explore Finnish pedagogy along with architecture, nature and technology in an in-depth manner.
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School Leadership program- Singapore and Malaysia

School Teachers & Leaders Global Program- Singapore and Malaysia

The School Leadership Program by Asian College of Teachers offers the academic leaders and experienced teaching professionals with the opportunity to gain practical know-how and enhance their leadership skills and to gain a complete understanding about the education system of Malaysia and Singapore. The program aims at instilling the candidates regarding the Malaysian and Singaporean education and school system and to acquaint them with the local culture while travelling and experiencing the local lifestyle. The School Leadership program in Malaysia and Singapore by ACT will provide the 21st century educational leaders with the essential upgradation by facilitating them in gaining valuable exposure.
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School Leadership program- USA

School Teachers & Leaders Global Programs - United States of America

ACT’s School Leadership Program conducted in the American cities of Washington and New York emphasizes on providing our candidates with the optimum exposure to its various schools and universities in order to let them experience real settings and have hands-on learning sessions with the guidance of our internationally accomplished trainers and educators. Through this workshop the candidates will also be able to utilise their networking skills and expand their employment opportunities as School Leaders in various education institutes around the world. Enjoying the local sightseeing and getting up close to the place’s history and culture is also an important part of the program.
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School Leadership program- Australia

School Teachers & Leaders Global Programs - Australia

An 8 days’ program conducted by ACT in the Australian city of Brisbane is meant to provide the candidates with the requisite international exposure to various schools and colleges in and around Brisbane. The workshop is conducted by accomplished international trainers and educators whereby the participants will be taken to various education institutions and face real situations and experience hands on learning sessions so that they get a fair idea on the various approaches to implement in different situations. The program itinerary also comprises of local sightseeing and enjoying Australian culture.
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