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16th October 2017

PAN India Presence of ACT strives to extend the boundaries of teacher education

With its offices all across India in cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi and operations spread across other India locales like Kerala, Chennai, Hyderabad and Goa, Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has truly established its PAN India presence as a leading teacher training organisation with a strong 25,000 ACT alumni, aims to provide high quality teacher training services catering to teaching aspirants across the globe.

With its vast range of operations across India, where the in-class TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) programs and the ITD (International Teaching Diploma) programs are conducted in major Indian cities while providing access to an extensive range of 100+ teacher training programs, ACT is certainly making a significant contribution to prepare educators attaining international levels of excellence.

ACT, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, has already made its presence felt in Asia and fetched a string of awards and other recognition during its 11 years of existence. Those include the Asia Pacific Achievers\' Award for Excellence in Education by Indian Achievers Forum, India and Global Achievers Award Thailand (jointly in association with Indo-Thai Chamber of Commerce) held in Bangkok; Best Teacher Training Institute of the Year at the 7th National Awards on Excellence in Education by the Indian Education Congress and was also ranked second among the top 10 Digital Learning portals in India - 2017 by the Higher Education Review.

Another current achievement of ACT is its proud association with Cambridge University, whereby it has become the Authorised Centre for conducting Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT), Cambridge, all over India. The test is meant to examine one\'s Basic English Knowledge with a globally recognised certificate as the candidates receive Cambridge English certificate for each test that they appear for. Teaching Knowledge Test or TKT is suitable for aspirants willing to foray into the world of teaching. For those who have little or no knowledge of the modern English teaching methodologies and approaches; the TKT test will certainly enhance their teaching career and give it a fitting start.

Another USP of ACT is its valued association with Training Qualifications United Kingdom (TQUK) a prestigious British Awarding Body and Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation in United Kingdom, providing an extensive range of vocational qualifications to Further Education Colleges and private training providers has endorsed the courses offered by ACT.ACT is also accredited and its courses are validated by the well-known City College Birmingham, which is duly accredited by ATHE - Award for Training and Higher Education & Pearson approved centre.

Job placement globally has always been one of the crucial elements of ACT and always remains a matter of concern for aspiring teachers who are learning and about to venture into the world of teaching. ACT has a strong association with over 200 schools in Asia and other international schools and institutions around the world; therefore, there is no dearth of teaching jobs for the past as well as present trainees. They can look forward to a number of job vacancies as per their requirements. The aim of the organisation is to provide the aspirants with a holistic learning experience so that they are ever prepared to confidently face culturally varied classrooms across the globe.

6th October 2017

ACT collaborates with TQUK to endorse its courses

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has been established with the objective of providing training programs for teaching aspirants/educational leaders that are at par with international standard of teaching. Since its inception in 2007, ACT has been able to become one of the largest service providers in teacher training in Asia by offering high quality teacher education programs. To add further credibility to its courses, ACT has tied up with Training Qualifications, UK (TQUK) to endorse its major courses.

Training Qualifications, United Kingdom (TQUK) is an Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, England) approved Awarding Organisation providing a wide range of vocational qualifications to Further Education Colleges and private training providers. It is the fastest growing Awarding Organisation (AO) and the 18th largest in the UK and has also been nominated for Awarding Organisation of the Year and Individual of the Year, 2017.

Therefore, certificates bearing the stamp of TQUK endorsement will certainly enable the candidates to pursue their dream of having a career in the education sector all across the globe.

25th September 2017

Early Detection of Learning Disability is Crucial

The first step towards special education lies in early detection of the disability. The necessity for an early detection of learning disabilities all comes down to potential. It is a known fact that learning disabilities occur due to the way the brain functions and the problem emerges accordingly that varies from each individual and of varying ages. When the reasons for poor performance in school are not recognised, it prevents them from getting the help they need to reach their potential, then, and later on. Learning disabilities do not really go away. The child needs proper guidance and assistance that can eliminate a number of additional problems from occurring. Falling behind other children may become depressing for them and they may feel lack of confidence or worse, frustrated. On the other hand, recognizing and supporting children can aid in taking necessary steps can be taken to help the child to gain basic life skills needed for a successful life throughout adulthood. The sooner learning disabilities are diagnosed and treated; the more likely children will be able to reach their potentials. Click Here

21st September 2017

Does reading disability mean your child is Dyslexic?

Is your child experiencing difficulty in reading for some time now? The reason is that he/she may be suffering from Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a lifelong condition which is known to affect the reading abilities of the children. Though every child with reading disorders is not dyslexic, those affected with this disorder experiences trouble with their abilities to spell, write or even speak. This disability is most common with children between grades 3 to 5. Dyslexic children will not outgrow this disability in the near future, however involving them in various physical activities, both at home and in school, which aims at refining their emotional and intellectual development, interaction and motor skills along with providing them with love, care and pamper, will enable them to succeed in school as well as later on in their life. Click Here

10th September 2017

Autism Spectrum slowly becoming a common disability in children across the globe

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a serious developmental disability that affects children and usually persists throughout lifetime. There is no specific indication of ASD with behavioural symptoms varying from learning disabilities, poor motor skills to various mental problems, and that too with varying degrees. However, it can all be kept under control by early diagnosis and treatment. It has been recently found in a study that the cases of autism have seen a rise, both in boys as well as in girls. Proper care and attention at home and as well as in schools will certainly help the autistic children lead an active life like regular children and be a part of the mainstream society. Teachers dealing with autistic children need to be firm yet gentle and should be aware of the right techniques as the children might need that extra support within the context of their classroom and school.

31st August 2017

ACT ranked second among the top 10 promising digital learning portals in India

Asian College of Teachers has bagged the prestigious 2nd position among the top 10 promising digital learning portals in India as per the Higher Education India magazine and deserves the accolades of being an outstanding training organization. ACT is offering academic excellence in teacher education and has been a forerunner when it comes to preparing global educators and creating future leaders in the field of education offering tailor made courses which are carefully designed and developed keeping in mind the various requirements of an aspiring teacher as well as working and experienced teachers looking for an upgradation.

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