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14th February 2018

Proud moment for ACT as it receives Indian Education Awards for 2nd year in a row

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is always on the lookout for excellence and striving towards providing the best possible training towards imparting the skills to future teaching aspirants in the field of teaching, training and allied fields of education, with a focus to prepare educators who are fit to lead varied classrooms across the globe. Last year Indian Education Congress has awarded Asian College of Teachers (ACT) as the Best Vocational Education Institute of the Year - Teacher Training at the 7th National Awards on Excellence in Education.

ACT\'s efforts have been recognised and acknowledged by the Indian Education Congress once again as it has conferred Asian College of Teachers with the Skill Learning Award at the 8th National Awards on Excellence in Education on 13th February, 2018 for the second time in a row. It is a moment of great achievement and pride for ACT as its efforts and qualities in bringing innovations and developing global competencies in the field of teacher training has been recognised. The star-studded award ceremony brought together the Indian and International Education fraternity where speakers from various fields of education, shared their experiences and best practices while exploring new ideas and opportunities to promote global education.

21st January 2018

ACT becomes one of GoAbroad Top Rated Organizations of 2017 - once again

Celebrating 10 glorious years of existence cannot get sweeter than this! Asian College of Teachers (ACT) TEFL programs have once again emerged as one of GoAbroad\'s Top Rated TEFL Certification Programs of 2017! This is the second year in a row that ACT has featured in GoAbroad\'s Top Rated Organisations & Programs of 2017. The organisation is indeed happy to have the opportunity to recognize us and our continuous efforts in providing the best services to our candidates and help them achieve their goals and dreams with insatiable wanderlust and passion for teaching who are drawn to newer life experiences.

GoAbroad is an international program directory with a mission to changing lives since 1997; it has been bridging the gap between the students and the international organizations by providing the information to those seeking a meaningful life abroad. GoAbroad has been relentlessly offering new travel destinations and resources by allowing globe trotters\' exclusive experiences. It has seamlessly blended meaningful travel and international education, complimenting Asian College of Teachers\' motto - \'to teach and touch lives\'.

Our TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) courses, at ACT, have been tailor made after thorough study and research, inspiring and enriching the lives of our TEFL trainees by equipping them with the latest EFL/ESL teaching approaches and providing them with the opportunity to explore new cultures and people of far flung countries. As an Asian leader in teacher education, Asian College of Teachers not only enrols students from every corner of the globe but continuously strive to provide first-class learning opportunities focusing both on professional and personal growth of the individual.

Teaching English abroad is an exciting as well as a rewarding experience for those who want to teach and explore the world; and ACT is proud to have been able to fuel that passion to teach and travel in a number of individuals across boundaries of the globe and help them lead a life of their dreams.

23rd December 2017

ACT hosts 3 day Annual General Meeting at J W Marriott-Kolkata

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) held its Annual General Meeting, 2017 on the 18th, 19th and 20th of December at the luxurious J W Marriott Hotel in Kolkata. The 3 day celebration saw the coming together of the ACT family from Thailand and the Indian branch offices - Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. The AGM 2017 opened with the 'Mission for 2018' presentation by ACT CEO, Dr Sanjib Chakraborty which focussed on "Preparing for the Change Battle and Winning the Change Fight". The 3 days comprised of individual knowledge presentations related to evaluation, student support, collaborations, PPTT and TEFL sales, Marketing and Social Media. This year saw 3 very informative panel discussions with topics ranging from Asian Market and Economic and Education Growth; ACT and its growth plans - from Product to Position / From Local to International / from System to Culture and ACT - How do we absorb growth and how can everyone play a role? AGM 2017 witnessed the launch of many new courses to enhance the learning experiences of the students with better employment opportunities. Apart from the informative part, each day was filled with activities and entertainment along with a spread of scrumptious food. The 3 day celebration came to an end with the take home message from ACT CEO followed by award ceremony and the photo session.

6th December 2017

Get certified and nurture the right traits to become an Educational Leader

Effective educational leaders are the drivers of transformation. But just having a certificate is not enough. You have to have the right characteristic traits. Pursuing an advanced course in Educational Leadership along with having the requisite qualities can prove beneficial for those aspiring to become efficient leaders in educational institutions across the world. There are a number of attributes which an educator should strive for in order to become proficient leaders. Being the head or the leader of an institution is quite a responsible job and so, having the right attitude and attributes is very crucial. The most important trait among all is a solid understanding of self and exuding that much needed self-confidence. The important traits or characteristics necessary in the leader of an institution are: Self-awareness, being an excellent communicator, resourcefulness and open to newer ideas, leading by example and having the right faith in the system. These traits will lead the institutional heads towards the right path starting from balancing each day to leading the institution, fellow teachers and students in the right direction and help to accomplish the goals of the classroom and the institution.

27th November 2017

Stocking on vocabulary is beneficial for kids in the long run

Kids are curious by nature, especially in their growing up years. They learn, pick up new words, and continue to learn. So, as a parent, or a pre and primary teacher, it becomes a duty to introduce the little minds to the world of dictionary so that they can pick up new words faster and increase their vocabulary. Children are likely to retain an advanced vocabulary and incorporate the same into their daily lives as they enter adulthood. Kids\' version of dictionary is different from what we, adults, know. They include a lot of pictures, colours and are written in the most simplistic form of language. Other than lexicons, being exposed to a wide range of stories and bedtime stories from an early age will benefit them to look at the world in a unique and innovative way. A good book will always help them to broaden their horizon of imagination and explore newer ideas. This will also inculcate a reading habit within them along with the understanding of other grammatical basics. Research suggests that children should be encouraged to socialise with their peers which is another way to pick up vocabulary. Vocabulary building is a skill that aids every child in their growing up years and in every aspect of their life. Click Here

11th November 2017

ACT Teachers Training Programs simultaneously in four locations across India

Asian College of Teachers (known as ACT), is the only leading teachers training institution that has a pan India network of their own study centers. ACT has launched Teachers Training Programs simultaneously in four locations across India.

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Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is a teachers training institution of international repute. The organization provides state-of-the-art training programs for preparing global educators. ACT is also a call to teachers for instilling additional skills and knowledge needed to proceed on career growths. With an array of international awards in its kitty, ACT focuses solely on providing high quality teacher education. ACT imparts training to teaching professionals in the Pre & Primary and TEFL and many other customized programs.

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