Must Read Books for Early Childhood Educators

Must Read Books for Early Childhood Educators

Being an early childhood educator is no easy task. Working with young children calls for special qualities and a passion for teaching. As an early childhood educator, you must know how to adapt lesson plans to concepts that children can relate to. You need to master varied ways to engage learners and uplift classroom environment. Education professionals opt for books written by experienced professionals in the same field that offer them with the knowledge of the best practices to enrich their teaching. As an early childhood educator, you are always looking for something new and inspirational to offer something interesting to your learners. The field of early childhood education demands continuous upgradation in knowledge, skills, and practices that are important factors in determining how much a young child learns and how prepared he/she is for entry into school. Therefore, it is quite significant for professionals in this field to strive to constantly to be aware of the latest studies and information available to benefit young learners. Most early childhood educator courses are designed keeping in mind this objective.

The objective should be to continually upgrade yourself to provide the best learning opportunities for every learner. Apart from an ECCED course, books are a great way to find that inspiration, new ideas, skill upgradation for your classroom and connect with other teachers. We have put together a list of five books for early childhood educators to benefit from new and innovative ways to build your teaching methods.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Focus on Kindergartners
- By Carol Copple, Sue Bredekamp, Derry Koralek and Kathy Charner

Written specifically for teachers in the field of ECCE, the book focuses on understanding the development, learners go through during their early education days. This book provides examples of vital practices to incorporate in creating activities and lesson plans that appeal to the individual needs of students at their early developmental stage.

The Most Important Year Pre-Kindergarten and the Future of Our Children
- By Suzanne Bouffard

This book looks at early education from a historical and practical point of view. It explores effective models and strategies that are being employed in classrooms and what can be learned from them.

What You Need to Lead an Early Childhood Program: Emotional Intelligence in Practice
- By Holly Elissa Bruno

This book addresses program directors to help promote healthy relationships with students, families, and staff. Doing so will aid you work in sync to provide the best possible educational experience for young learners.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children From Birth Through Age 8 (3rd ed.)
- By: Carol Copple and Sue Bredekamp, eds.

In particular, this 3rd edition has been a best seller among early childhood professionals since the first edition. It offers updated and highly effective practices compiled from the latest research and experiences for developmentally appropriate practices designed for children from birth till the age of 8.

Powerful Interactions: How to Connect With Children to Extend Their Learning
- By Amy Laura Dombro, Judy Jablon and Charlotte Stetson

This book acts as a reflective guide to aid in creating more planned and purposeful interactions with learners and provides a step-by-step guide to connect with students with each interaction and using that connection to extend learning.

In your quest on ‘how to become an early childhood educator’, it is highly advantageous to learn from others’ experiences. These recommended books have one thing in common; they are penned by professionals, for professionals. These books benefit in constantly improving your own methods to create a better learning environment for the young learners.

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