Master of Science in Education, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).

Asian College of Teachers in academic collaboration with Fort Hays State University (FHSU), Kansas, offers Online Master of Science in Education (English Speakers of Other Languages) which is an advanced level program for ESL/EFL teachers looking to develop their understanding of the English language teaching and upgrade their TEFL teaching skills, to succeed in the TESOL industry.

Master of Science in Education (English Speakers of Other Languages)

  • The Online Master of Science in Education (English Speakers of Other Languages) is suitable for experienced and ambitious ESL/EFL teachers looking to master the latest pedagogical techniques and gain expertise in activities such as lesson planning and classroom management.
  • Candidates must score 213 on computer-based, 550 in paper-based or 79 on internet-based test in TOEFL to be eligible to apply. Otherwise they can score a 6.5+ score in IELTS to be eligible to apply.
  • Master in topics such as Data Analysis, Linguistics, Educational Research, Utilisation of Technology etc. from the extensive and detailed curriculum of the program in order to upgrade your skill sets and succeed as an ESL/EFL teacher.
  • Receive an extremely prestigious Fort Hays State University (FHSU) certificate after the completion of your course in order to assure employment in the TESO Industry.
  • Take advantage of the availability of constant tutor support from both ACT and FHSU, along with the online videos and reference materials in order to complete the program conveniently.
  • Expose yourself to ample job opportunities after completing the program successfully in Educational Institutions all over the world as ESL/EFL teachers as the demand for learning English in non-native English speaking countries have been rising at a rapid pace.
  • The duration of the course is of minimum 1 year to maximum 5 years
  • Courses are delivered in semester pattern. There are three semesters in a year and each semester, candidate can choose 1 and above topics.
  • Each semester is of 3.5 months duration
  • The course is conducted on a 100% online mode of learning
  • Online master’s course offers enough flexibility to the candidates pursuing from any part of the globe

Master's in TESOL/TEFL is a 1 year comprehensive course which equips the prospective teachers with a complete range of professional skills and techniques of teaching students around the globe. It offers enough flexibility to the candidates who can pursue it in online mode from any part of the globe.

Master of Science in Education (English Speakers of Other Languages) acquaints both the aspiring and experienced educators with EFL/ESL teaching techniques and is priced at a reasonable course fee of 6,00,000 INR (inclusive of all taxes), 9300 USD/ 7050 GBP/ 3,08,070 THB for the online mode. Payment will be semester wise depending on how many subjects (credits) the candidate is choosing. The course can be pursued by teaching professionals who are willing to venture into the field of education with a focus on TEFL and is suitable for all those people who are involved or already associated with TESOL industry or planning a long term career in TEFL.

The aspirants need to have one the following English Language Proficiency:
  • Minimum TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 213 on the computer based, 550 on the paper-based test, or 79 on the Internet-based test. Applicant must request testing center to send official score results to FHSU.
  • Overall band score of 6.5 or higher in IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Applicant must request testing center to send official score results to FHSU.
  • Verification of English as native language 3
  • Evidence of a baccalaureate degree or higher from an accredited U.S. institution of higher education
  • Documentation of completion of an approved intensive English language program.
Students must complete the above course requirements as well as meet the requirements below:
  • Complete the candidacy form (This is done after 9 hours have been completed and before 15 hours have been completed)
  • Submit intent to graduate before the deadline according to the calendar posted on the FHSU website. This deadline is usually in the first or second week of the students’ last semester
  • Program of study GPA must be 3.0 or higher
  • Pass comprehensive exams
  • Master of Science in Education (English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Courses provided online through FHSU’s Virtual College
  • AEP 800 Utilization of Technology
  • AEP 803 Educational Research
  • AEP 858 Data Analysis and Assessment
  • AEP 867 Instructional Design & Assessment
  • ESOL 882 ESOL Linguistics
  • ESOL 883 ESOL Assessment and Appraisal
  • ESOL 884 ESOL Methods and Materials
  • ESOL 885 ESOL Practicum
  • READ 884 Literacy Development
  • Credit for prior learning courses
  • AEP 855 Educational Leadership
  • AEP 880 Cultural Diversity

Successful completion of the course will award the candidates with a Masters Certificate from Fort Hays State University (FHSU).

  • ACT will enrol candidates for FHSU Master’s program
  • Candidates need to apply online through FHSU website
  • Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation and Transcripts
  • Resume including education, accomplishments, special skills, work experience, awards, grants, publications etc must be provided
  • Candidates can learn and prepare at their convenience Accreditation

Master of Science in Education (English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)) is suitable for all those people who are interested or already associated with teaching or is passionate about it. This exciting and demanding course will develop your knowledge and critical thinking skills regarding the principles and practice of ESOL teaching and learning and as such can open doors for you in your career along with giving a right start to your career. The course aims at preparing candidates to become global educators and work efficiently at various international locales with different cultural diversities. The course is open to both working and experienced teachers willing to give a boost to their teaching career. Other than being a skilled English teacher, you can also choose to become nursery managers, assistant head teachers, disability coordinators within universities and national trainers for charitable organisations.

  • ACT's admission department will provide the requisite guidance
  • Courses are accompanied by support from both ACT and FHSU
  • Online videos and reference materials are provided for additional support

All the teacher training courses offered by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) are accredited by international organizations and bodies of repute. The academic partnership between ACT and FHSU will provide the students with valuable exposure, embedding requisite knowledge and developing experience for better employment.

FHSU which began its first academic session in 1902 is a progressive, entrepreneurial university of the Midwest comprising of 15,000 enrolled students and offering certificate and degree programs at the associate, bachelor's and master's levels through 31 academic departments.

Nisha Bachhawat

It was an enriching experience and made me wiser. It was easy to follow the course with a formulated course structure. It has enhanced my level of confidence. I am working as a teacher in New York Public School, Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Nisha Bachhawat
Brati Jha

I am knowledgeable, experienced and confident after completion of the training. I am looking forward to more courses from ACT and further enhancement of life and learning. The trainers were nice and have got suggestions and information that were very helpful.

Brati Jha

Helped in expanding my knowledge and experience the concepts closely through trainers demonstration. wonderful and must for any trainers trainer. the participants were really connected and their skills utilised to add value to the programme.


The overall teaching experience has been good. Something new for me as I had no teaching background. Will need to identify from the learnings the content which will be relevant for my requirements.

Roopali Agashe
Nakita Vang

I had a lot of worries at first but the material is easy to understand and the coordinators are so helpful and understanding!

Nakita Vang

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