Masters in Educational Administration and Management

Master of Science in Educational Administration

Asian College of Teachers offers Master of Science in Educational Administration in academic partnership with Fort Hays State University (FHSU) which is an advanced course and is targeted at academicians willing to gain necessary skills and knowledge related to educational administration and academic leadership. The course aims to bring the expertise and enhance the opportunities for students who will make a foray as future educators and educational administrators along with instilling effective leadership skills with a focus on institutional improvements that will prove beneficial in developing the administrative and management skills which meet organizational goals. Those aiming for administrative posts or a career in educational management will surely find this course to be beneficial. It covers a wide range of topics, such as educational research, data analysis and assessment, special education for school leaders, educational finance etc. The success of an organization totally depends on the administrative and the abilities of the management along with educational leadership skills. As a result, those in charge of these posts need to up their skills in order to deal with curriculum issues efficaciously, handle complex administrative matters confidently, take sound decisions and maintain good interpersonal relations and overall supervision. Such situations require certified and trained professionals able to tackle every aspect of educational administration.

  • The duration of the course is of minimum 1year and maximum 5 years
  • Courses are delivered in semester pattern. There are three semesters in a year and each semester the candidate can choose up to 5 subjects
  • Each semester is of 3.5 months of duration
  • The course is conducted on a 100% online mode of learning
  • Online master’s course offers enough flexibility to the candidates pursuing from any part of the globe
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The aspirants need to have the following English Language Proficiency:

  • Minimum TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 213 on the computer based, 550 on the paper-based test, or 79 on the Internet-based test. Applicant must request testing center to send official score results to FHSU.
  • Overall band score of 6.5 or higher in IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Applicant must request testing center to send official score results to FHSU.
  • Evidence of a baccalaureate degree or higher from an accredited U.S. institution of higher education
  • Documentation of completion of an approved intensive English language program.

Students must complete the above course requirements as well as meet the requirements below:

  • Complete the candidacy form (This is done after 9 hours have been completed and before 15 hours have been completed)
  • Submit intent to graduate before the deadline according to the calendar posted on the FHSU website. This deadline is usually in the first or second week of the students’ last semester
  • Program of study GPA must be 3.0 or higher
  • Pass comprehensive exams
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Master of Science in Educational Administration acquaints you with the latest techniques irrespective of the fact whether you are an aspirant, working or an experienced academicians with administrative and management competencies. The course is priced at a reasonable course fee of 6,00,000 INR (9300 USD/ 7050 GBP/ 3,08,070 THB) for the online mode (inclusive of all Taxes). Payment will be semester wise depending on how many subjects (credits) you choose. The course can be pursued by teaching professionals who are willing to venture into the field of educational administration and school management, willing to switch from teaching to administrative jobs or are in their mid-career crisis. Those who are involved or already associated with the administrative departments of educational institutions can also opt for the course.

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Master of Science in Educational Administration

Courses provided online through FHSU’s Virtual College

  • AEP 800 Utilization of Technology
  • AEP 803 Educational Research
  • AEP 855 Educational Leadership
  • AEP 858 Data Analysis and Assessment
  • AEP 859 Curriculum Planning & Evaluation
  • EDL 851 Supervision & Evaluation of Personnel
  • EDL 852 Introduction to School Administration
  • EDL 853 Special Education for School Leaders
  • EDL 854 Educational Finance
  • EDL 856 School & Community Relations

Credit for prior learning courses

  • AEP 880 Cultural Diversity
  • EDL 850 School Law
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Successful completion of the course will award the candidates with a Masters Certificate from Fort Hays State University (FHSU).

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  • ACT will enrol candidates for FHSU Master’s program
  • Candidates need to apply online through FHSU website
  • Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation and Transcripts
  • Resume including education, accomplishments, special skills, work experience, awards, grants, publications etc must be provided
  • Candidates can learn and prepare at their convenience

If you are interested and willing to enrol, you need to fill up an online application form with all the relevant details and must provide correct email id along with phone number as all the communication will be forwarded there. Once the application form is submitted, the candidates will receive the course details via email and phone call from ACT’s admission executives. The course fee payment details will be mailed to the candidates once they confirm their enrolment. The course fee can be paid through online payment mode using Debit/Credit Card or by depositing Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft to our bank account. After the payment is credited the candidates will be receiving payment confirmation with online admission form. They need to fill up the same and submit in order to get online access to the course.

Candidates applying for Master’s in Educational Administration and Management are required to submit the following documents at the time of admission. After the initial acceptance letter, these are required:

  • Official Transcript
  • Graduation / Bachelors certificate or its equivalent as issued by the Ministry of Education in their home country
  • Letter of student status (if studying)
  • Three 1”x 1” photographs (wearing official uniform)
  • Official TOEFL, IELTS or SAT I scores with at least 2 years validity (wherever applicable)
  • A photocopy of one’s identification card or passport
  • Registration fee

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Master of Science in Educational Administration course is suitable for you if you are among those who are interested or already associated with the administrative division of educational institutions. The detailed course is apt for those working as principals, head of institutions, senior teachers, administrators, educationists and entrepreneurs. The course will give the right start to your administrative career and will make way for job prospects in the administrative wings of educational institutions and organizations worldwide and there will be no lack of jobs for people holding a Master’s degree in Educational Administration. In recent times, teaching as a profession is giving way to several new prospects in terms of career options in school management and administrative departments. This course proves beneficial to all those who are working as teachers, academicians and instructors to upgrade to the post of an administrator.

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  • Complete Academic Support throughout the course
  • Candidates can learn at own pace
  • Study materials available online
  • As you enrol with us for the course in Master of Science in Educational Administration, you connect with the e-structors and expect to receive complete guidance from the experienced Academic Support Team of Fort Hays State University (FHSU) who are dedicated to assist you and help you towards achieving your learning goals. The tutors provide complete support to the candidates with their queries and doubts, guiding them through all the aspects, advising you in times of need. They extend their tutoring support by giving insight on relevant information and answering your course related queries. Since the course offers flexible learning, you get the opportunity to learn at your own pace and opt for any kind of assistance whenever you need any.
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All the teacher training courses offered by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) are accredited by international organizations and bodies of repute. The academic partnership between ACT and FHSU will provide the students with valuable exposure, embedding requisite knowledge and developing experience for better employment.

FHSU which began its first academic session in 1902 is a progressive, entrepreneurial university of the Midwest comprising of 15,000 enrolled students and offering certificate and degree programs at the associate, bachelor's and master's levels through 31 academic departments. The University also offers a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree.

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