In-class Teaching Experience Program

In-class Teaching Experience Program

Asian College of Teachers is always striving and trying to provide the best possible training towards imparting the requisite skills to aspiring or experienced teaching professionals or those willing to meander from their current profession and foray into the field of teaching. The in-class teaching experience program has been designed with a focus to prepare educators who are fit to lead varied classrooms across the globe.

The Online/ Distance TEFL courses by ACT are designed to prepare candidates with the latest techniques and skills along with methodologies for classroom management for becoming a successful educator to cater to learners belonging to different cultural backgrounds. The TEFL courses prepare aspirants to excel in the said field as an efficient EFL/ESL teacher. With the rising popularity of Online Courses, it sometimes becomes a drawback for the candidates that they are not aware of the necessary experience of real classroom environment. With this in mind, ACT has come up with a specially designed program to bring a solution by offering a 2 day weekend in-class teaching experience program where candidates can interact with the tutors and solve their doubts and queries.

The in-class program for teaching experience is of 2 days duration for which classes will be scheduled on weekend. Candidates will acquire hands-on knowledge regarding varied and significant topics that are TEFL related which will aid in increasing their efficiency as an EFL/ESL teacher. The various topics discussed by experienced and expert trainers which include Lesson Planning, Classroom Management and Peer Teaching. Proper explanation and demonstration of the theoretical matters from the experts help the candidates in gaining confidence to face classroom environment with ease. The purpose behind the program is to acquaint the aspirants with the required skills and techniques that are necessary to become an efficient educator.

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Both online and distance TEFL trainees or TEFL trained educators willing to upgrade their knowledge may enrol in the program.

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The in-class Teaching Experience Program of 2 days duration is available at a reasonable course fee of 10,000 INR (inclusive of 18% GST). The course fee can be paid through online payment using Debit / Credit Card or by depositing Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft to ACT’s bank account, the details of which will be mailed to the candidates once they agree to be part of this program.

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  • On completion of the TEFL Course, successful candidates will receive a globally recognised certificate from ACT, accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA
  • Candidates availing the 2 days’ weekend In-class Teaching Experience Program will receive a globally recognised ‘certificate of participation’ from ACT

The 2 days In-class Teaching Experience Program Certificate will boost an aspirant’s teaching career as it will strengthen the CV and provide an extra edge over others.

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In order to enrol in the In-Class Teaching Experience Course, the interested candidates have to fill up the application form available online providing all the valid and relevant details including email id and phone number as all communication will be forwarded there. After the submission of the filled application form, the course detail will be sent through email and phone call from ACT’s admission executives. The course fee payment details will be mailed to the candidates once the enrolment is confirmed. The course fee can be paid through online payment using Debit / Credit Card or by depositing Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft to the ACT’s bank account. The payment confirmation will be sent to the candidates after the payment is successful along with the online admission form.

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Upcoming In-class Teaching Experience Program Dates

  • 6th Apr - 7th Apr - Bangalore
  • 6th Jul - 7th Jul - Bangalore
  • 13th Apr - 14th April Delhi
  • 15th June - 16th June - Delhi
  • 6th Apr - 7th Apr - Mumbai
  • 8th Jun - 9th Jun - Mumbai
  • 18th May - 19th May - Kolkata
  • 6th Jul - 7th Jul - Delhi
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The In-Class Teaching Experience Course will not only provide the candidates with a globally recognized certificate but will benefit them by opening up doors for teaching English as a foreign language across various locations globally. The in-class teaching experience program along with TEFL course will surely give candidates an edge over others and give a fitting start to their teaching career.

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Day 1: Total 7 ½ hours approx.

  • Classroom management- (2 ½ hrs.)
    (Classroom components, board management, using technology, role plays)
  • Importance of lesson plan (1 hr.)
    (Why to plan, what to plan, how to plan and when to plan, format)
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy (30 min)
  • Evaluation and Assessment (30 min)
  • Reading demo (40 min)
  • De brief (30 min)
  • Lesson plan writing plus preparation for peer teach (1.5 hours)

Day 2: Total 6 ½ hours approx.

  • Phonology (2 ½ hrs.)
  • Peer Teaching plus feedback (3 ½ hrs.)
  • Certification (30 min)
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