Amber Ansari

Amber Ansari

Course done: TEFL

Placed in: Explorica Cambridge School, Hyderabad

Location: Stays in Kolkata

With a postgraduate degree in mass communications and public relations from St. Xavier’s, Amber initially pursued her desire to be in the corporate world by working as an in-house HR professional. At the same time, she was working as an English teacher, and would shuttle between both jobs between the mornings and the evenings.

Nevertheless, the process of handling two jobs became fairly hectic, and Amber seemingly developed a strong liking for her teaching job. This pushed her to consider a full-time career in teaching.

Interestingly, during one of her visits to Kolkata, she came across Asian College of Teachers’ TESOL program, and decided to get enrolled. Her background in mass communication had propelled her to develop an adoration for the English language, and the TESOL course offered her the prospect of teaching English abroad.

Amber shared that the TESOL program rendered her with a completely different outlook of teaching. She realised that the teaching methods covered in the program were unlike the traditional teaching that she had previously experienced, and she learned that the act of teaching was not just about writing something on the board and asking the students to copy it. The entire TESOL experience was very liberating for Amber, and upon completion, with ACT’s assistance, she was able to secure an English teaching job in Hyderabad.

She taught in Hyderabad for a while, and then had to leave due to certain managerial issues. Nonetheless, she then moved to Mumbai, and taught in a government school for more than a year. Whilst teaching in a government school, Amber was exposed to a divergent set of learners with different expectations and responses. However, although her former learnings and teaching experience helped, she was also able to obtain a wider perspective of how to manage different learners.

Following her journey in Mumbai, Amber is now teaching English in Nepal. However, the COVID 19 pandemic haltered the physical classes and handed her the opportunity to become an online teacher and exercise her skills on a different level. Despite this new venture, she is thoroughly enjoying her job, and is learning to cope with the marriage of technology with modern education.

Amber expressed that she had been offered multiple opportunities to teach other subjects such as math. However, she truly loves teaching English, and wants to continue her journey in different countries and schools. ACT is proud to have had Amber as one of its students, and is elated by the fact that ACT has somehow contributed in shaping Amber’s colourful career.

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