Titisha Sud Das

Titisha Sud Das

Placed In: GD Goenka Public School

Course Done: TEFL

Titisha Sud Das believes Asian College of Teachers has changed her life. She has done her International TEFL Program at this renowned institution. According to her, the methods of teaching at ACT gave her a completely different perspectiveand the trainers taught her how to make learning more engaging and incorporate new tools and techniques while teaching a lesson in the classroom.

She strongly believes that the trainers groomed her in a manner that helped her as a teacher to impart collaborative learning in the classroom.Furthermore, their lessons are interactive and engage the students with a variety of activities comprising games and music to enhance the effective learning of her students. The courses provided by ACT are learner-centric and include different kinds of tasks and activities.

TEFL was an integral course that helped her to relate the course with the things happening around her that made learning easier and more relatable. After completing the course, she adopted a new approach to teaching which helped her to get placed in G.D GoenkaSchoolas a teacher.

She will always be indebted to ACT for opening new dimensions in her life.

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