Tips To Teach English In The City Of Hong Kong

teach English in the city of Hong KongHong Kong is known to be the special administrative region of China but with a different legal system and a unique culture as it was a British colony till 1997. 98% of the population in Hong Kong is Chinese having two official languages English and Cantonese. Therefore, the need for English teachers as well as teachers of other languages and subjects is prominent.

So, if you are looking to teach English in Hong Kong, pursuing any of the TEFL/TESOL courses online would be of great help.

Hong Kong is a small crowded city with a remarkable skyline and a population of around 7.5 million, providing a lot of opportunities in this dynamic global city. The city has a vibrant street life and impressive cuisine and is known to be the city of contrasts where East and West truly meet.

Along with its modern and cosmopolitan culture, the city also has its traditional cultures to portray. It is a place where you get a lifetime opportunity to meet new people and eat new food from various corners of the globe from Vietnam to Italy.

Those who wish to teach English in Hong Kong will need a bachelor’s degree and either a TEFL certification Online or a minimum of two years of teaching experience. The average salary for teaching in Hong Kong is $3,000 to $7,400 per month.

Let us now look at the type of jobs available in the city!

Types of Jobs Teaching English in Hong Kong, China ---

Private Language Schools

The maximum number of ESL jobs available in Hong Kong are in private language schools. These schools are available to students of all ages, from young kids to seniors, the maximum of who tend to be school students preparing for exams.

While you will find most of the foreign teachers in Hong Kong are English teachers, there are few private language schools that require teachers of other languages like Spanish and French. Hong Kong being an international city with a powerful global business, a range of languages is pursued by learners.

Public Schools (Elementary & Secondary)

In the case of public schools in Hong Kong, foreign teachers generally work in assistance with local teachers in the classroom. These schools require qualified and experienced foreign teachers who can assist local teachers and create a passion for the English language in students. These teaching positions are mostly offered to female teachers as the job demands working with young children. This particular tradition or practice is not illegal or considered prejudiced in Hong Kong.

Teaching English in Hong Kong

Hong Kong being a popular destination for foreign teachers, you will get several opportunities of getting a job once you have gathered some real-world teaching experience.

The academic year in Hong Kong starts in August and the process of recruitment also begins in the months earlier, mainly in the spring. The teaching contracts are usually valid for one or two years, providing a bonus on completion to retain back teachers.

Requirements to Teach English in Hong Kong

Despite the eligibility criteria for recruiting teachers varying from school to school, the government has a set of minimum eligibility requirements for an English teacher to teach in Hong Kong. The criteria’s for teaching in Hong Kong are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any subject
  • Two years of ESL teaching experience
  • 120-hour TEFL certificate Salary and Cost of Living

As you are already aware that English teachers in Hong Kong earn quite a handsome bulk of salary as compared to the rest of their colleagues in other parts of Asia, let us get an idea of the salaries of English teachers in Hong Kong.

Average Salary of Teaching Jobs in Hong Kong

As mentioned earlier, teaching jobs in Hong Kong are well paid, with average monthly salaries being somewhere between $3,000 and $7,400. The cost of living in the city is higher compared to other locations and thus takes away a big part of your salary in paying rent.

Apart from your salary, teaching jobs provides the benefit of round-trip airfares (for family members as well), medical allowance, a housing allowance or sometimes even housing itself along with bonuses for completing the contract. Therefore, when you apply for job, do check that the job you are applying for is providing you with some or all of these benefits, as in spite of a handsome salary, a large amount of money might go waste in living costs and these allowances or benefits can save that large chunk of money from getting deducted from your salary!

Hong Kong is no doubt one of the world's most happening cities to live, work, or travel. If you are looking to teach English in Hong Kong and establish yourself as a proficient international English teacher, a TEFL Certification Online will certainly increase your prospects of being an English teacher in the bustling city of Hong Kong.

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