Course done: 220-hour TEFL program with specialisation in Business English

School:Sriwichairat School

Working as: English teacher in Sriwichairat School, Nakhon SawanProvince. Thailand

Sridatri Goswami enrolled in ACT’s 220-hour TEFL Course with Specialisation in Business English where she got an in-depth idea along with useful tips and tricks to engage young learnersfrom the very first day of her journey in the field of teaching. According to her engaging kids is quite a challenging task but the guidelinesshe picked up from the program helped her achieve the same with ease. Oncethe learners are engaged, it becomes very easy for the teacher to put their thoughts through them or vice versa. She is also of the opinion that the course materialsprovided to her were also very practical; the examples, the explanations helped her to understand the theories and implement those into her work later. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to ACT for being the stepping stone towards realizing her dream, for solving and clearing out her multiple queries, and showing her the right path when she was indecisive about placement and job selection.

The course has been an enjoyable journey for Sridatri, both before and also after the completion of the program when her dream of teaching abroad came true. She will definitely remember ACT as being the first step in her journey to teaching abroad.

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