Shaheena Rahman

Shaheena Rahman

Course done: ITD

Placed in: Small Wonders

Working As: Lead Teacher

Shaheena Rahman has pursued the International Teaching Diploma course from Asian College of Teachers (ACT).According to her ACT is an institution which is transforming the world of learning and is a mission-driven organization dedicated to helping people achieve education and workplace success.

She cherishes the time that she had spent during her training at Asian College of Teachers. As promised, she received placement assistance after completion of the course and she is successfully placed in Small Wonders and is working there for a year now. As she is trained in Pre-Primary and Montessori and Special Education, it is indicative of the fact that she is perfectly imparting quality education at her school.

For Montessori, she was trained with the proper Montessori materials which has been beneficial for her. For Pre-Primary and Primary, she has learnt the tricks and methods to settle and guide a child which again has turned out to be beneficial for her and is of great help at her school. ACT has made her capable of training or helping her co-workers as well as supporting her school to turn it into an exciting learning space.

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