Parinika Uchil Roy

Parinika Uchil Roy

Course done: International TEFL/TESOL Program 220hours

Placed in: 98th Percentile

Designation: English Learning Expert

ParinikaUchil Roy never hadany plans to pursue teaching but life makes you do things that you have not planned for.

Similarly, Parinika had a corporate job as a content writer but the pandemic made her think of a career change. She wanted to do something that would add some value in her life and that of othersgiving her the job satisfaction that every working individual needs in their professional lives.

She came across ACT through Facebook and decided to do a 220-hour TEFL course. She had a fabulous experience throughout the course and she chose the self-study sessions for learning as she preferred to study on her own.

Soon after, she also got a job in a company but for certain reasons was unable to continue. She then applied to a few companies through the placement cell of ACT. But finally, she got selected in a company called 98th percentile. She got the role of an English learning expert related to English language art which is a subject in the U.S. In that profile, her job is to help students complete their homework, promote them to the next grade, and so on.

She is grateful to ACT as it gave her the exposure to be a better teacher online as the whole education system has shifted online after the pandemic hit the earth. ACT has also helped her in realizing the varied roles of a teacher, how to manage more than 2 or 3 kids in a classroom, and also there is so much more to teaching.

She takes this opportunity to thank the entire team of ACT for providing her a wonderful experience and a fruitful journey that she can remember throughout her life.

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