Monica. E

Monica. E

Course done: 120 hour International TESOL/ TEFL In- Class certification Program

Placed in: Tru Biz Solutions Pty. Ltd

Location: Australia

Monica realised her passion for the English language during her undergraduate years. Everyone in her family wanted her to be an engineer, which urged Monica to pursue a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Nevertheless, since a young age, Monica had a profound interest in reading books during her summer breaks, and she would usually read both fiction and non-fiction of various kinds. During her college years, she would also spend a lot of time writing and reading short stories and poetry, hence strengthening her connection with the English language.

In the light of her growing love for the language, Monica decided to pursue a career in teaching the language. However, her transition from engineering to English teaching was not an easy one. Not only did she have to work harder to make a mark, but she also somewhat knew that she was not fulfilling her family’s dream of her becoming a software engineer. Despite these, with constant support and motivation from her teachers, Monica fought her way through these hurdles like a true warrior, and became an English language lecturer in a college.

After securing a job, Monica still wanted to further her teaching skills, and decided to do so by enrolling in ACT’s TEFL program. She proudly mentions that the TEFL program played a great role in boosting her confidence, and empowered her with greater knowledge and insights that can enhance her future career opportunities in the teaching field. ACT takes pride in having had Monica as one of its students, and wishes her all the success and happiness.

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