Is Training Becoming a Must For Teachers!

The expansion of a country’s educational growth is dependent on teachers. They are an integral part of the whole system and have a huge responsibility on their shoulders, the way they educate students determines the output precisely. 21st-century approach to teachings has a big role to play in it. The shifting idea is that a teacher must become in sync with students, guide them through the process of learning instead of trying to mould them.

What has been practised for a long in the educational system must now be reconsidered and needs to be evolved with time. Educators’ growth too needs to happen to cope up with the demand of modernized teachings which the government is envisioning for our country.

Not to mention the online teaching has opened up a new portal for teachers and it is bringingmore cultural diversity in the classroom, need for teacher training is increasingly showing up.

Let’s unfold how training can boost teachers’ performance in this day and age –

Training Builds Professional Skills –

It is a different scenario to have abundant knowledge than to be able to teach methodically. More so, it is not just about sharing the knowledge, it is to help students acquire the subject knowledge with interest and engagement. To begin with, meeting the needs of students is considered to be one of the top priorities. A classroom needs to be orchestrated as a healthy environment where meaningful engagement flows during the process of learning.The radical shift in the education industry needs more teachers who are well acquainted with the modern technology and methodologies of teaching. Be it a total physical classroom, online classroom, or hybrid classroom, teachers must manage and deliver new-aged teachings. Hence, the need for teachers' training has become fundamental to sustain in the educational industry.

Supportive Towards Multifaceted Role –

Teaching is so much more than just covering the syllabus or giving lectures in a classroom setup. A teacher simultaneously has to play the role of mentor, counsellor, and often as a tutor too. Starting from planning the lesson to conducting a successful parent-teacher meeting, the responsibilities of teachers are dynamic in this day and age. A prepared educator will be much more confidant to meet the demand of the teaching role than an untrained teacher with theoretical knowledge.

Facilitates Better Classroom Management –

There are many day-to-day challenges a teacher has to overcome regularly. Classroom management remains an area that is filled with uncertainties. Teachers are responsible to maintain a healthy classroom atmosphere while they navigate their daily responsibility.

Though classroom management cannot be grasped within a set of formulas, however, a trained teacher can certainly master his/her skills with a deeper understanding of student’s developmental stage, their needs and thus discovering what works for the teacher. Professional training can facilitate that practical approach to classroom management skills. What has been learned years ago may not work in today's classroom scenario, a time to time update on proficiency can help the teacher understand the need of every unique situation and how it can be dealt with diligence.

Watch the video to know how to handle attention-seeking children in the classroom –

Promotes Healthier Approach to Teaching –

The professional teacher training programs are designed with a deeper understanding of the psychological, developmental as well as on modern methodologies to teaching. These are integral in forming the educational strategies to keep up with 21st-century teaching. Students centered approach is “the standard” that is expected from teachers in the modern educational industry. When we talk about student-centered teaching, we are emphasizing on to prioritize students' needs. Every classroom and the students that form that classroom are different. The approach of a teacher needs to shape the teaching to fit “that need”.

Both teaching and nurturing students are intrinsic to education. The only way to reach effectivity is to understand the demand of the current scenario. The role of teachers must be to make the lives of students easier in the learning process and the focus of education is to preserve the uniqueness within each student, help them build their core skills, and to invoke autonomy within them, not just to survive in life but to thrive in the world.

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