David Bourke

David Bourke

Course done: TEFL in Class program

Teaching at: Shaqra University, Shaqra Saudi Arabia

English teacher to medical and engineering students. (Technically referred to as a doctor of English.) David Bourke feels fortunate to get trained and mentored at Asian College of Teachers and awarded a TESOL/TEFL Certification. As a TEFL/TESOL qualified trainer, he has experienced teaching in places like Mexico and Spain and is currently working at Shaqra University, Shaqra, Saudi Arabia as an English teacher.

He gladly shares that he haspicked up some valuable strategies and methodologies that have helped him reach where he is today. From what he has learnt, he believes has given him the opportunity to travel the world and it has been an incredible and fascinating journey so far.Having attended the TESOL/TEFL has benefitted him in many ways which has helped him in his teaching, planning, and preparation as he was from a special needs background. He even got placed through ACT in Mexico at Churchill Language College.

He is currently teaching medical and engineering students at Shaqra University, Shaqra Saudi Arabia. His teaching experiences around the world have been incredible and he believes it is all because of Asian College of Teachers.

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