Childhood Education International (CEI)

Childhood Education International (CEI)


Asian College of Teachers (ACT), the leading teacher education in Asia has carved a niche for teacher training with more than 100 courses to offer for the working and aspiring teaching professionals and boasts of a robust alumni base of 30,000+ and counting. In a bid to impart quality training and build academic excellence, ACT has become an organizational member of Childhood Education International (CEI) that comprises specialists in over 35 nations seeking innovative solutions to education challenges by providing professional development opportunities, technical assistance, and consultation services around the world.

We are confident that the collaboration with such an esteemed organization will surely help in reaching greater heights of achievement and glory while making us stronger in our endeavour towards educational excellence.

About CEI

Childhood Education International (CEI) works with a vision to transform education, so that every child has access to quality and equitable care and education experiences that uphold their right to learn. In order to secure the right to learn for every child, CEI also works towards ensuring their overall well-being, including their health, safety, protection, and growth.

To be precise, Childhood Education International (formerly, the Association for Childhood Education International), has been in operation since 1892. Throughout their esteemed history, they have remained committed to one central mission: ensuring children’s education worldwide. In order to secure the right to learn for every child, we also must ensure their overall well-being including their health, safety, protection, and growth. Ultimately, they believe that educating children is the key to a better world for all.

They want every child to learn and grow, but gives special attention to the most vulnerable and fragile ones who wish to be in school and learning but may not have opportunities to do so. CEI understands the value of education not only because it can change lives positively, but also because it is a stimulus for community development, peace, security, and a hope for the future.

CEI’s global perspective means that their programs and services can be delivered in many communities and nations with relative ease and minimal modification. They believe in empowering communities to create education experiences that are relevant to their education needs, the context of their community, and their unique cultures.


CEI’s work began in 1892, with the effort to promote kindergarten education in the United States and internationally. Since the very beginning, they have been an international organization driven by the belief that education is essential to human development. More than a century later, this core belief remains the same as they look at human development on a global scale and see how education has the power to change lives. Today, their commitment to advance education translates to a commitment to education as a tool for global development and sustainable futures for all. Childhood Education International works for the education of all children, but has a special interest in ensuring that our energies are focused on meeting the education needs of the most fragile and vulnerable children.


What it means to be a member of CEI?

ACT is glad to be a member of CEI that works to empower communities and to create education experiences that are pertinent to their educational needs, community environment and background and their unique cultures. With a membership from a reputed and highly-regarded international educational institution like Childhood Education International (CEI), ACT aims to share a common vision for education with other members internationally, and that they join together to promote messages of hope, peace, security and understanding through education.

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