Course done: International 400-Hour PG Diploma in TEFL/TESOL

Placed in: Turito India Private Limited

Designation: English educator for students in USA, Australia, Singapore.

The passion to become a teacher had seeped into the mind of Anushree from a very early age. Her mother Dr. Parveen Taunk has always inspired her to pursue her dreams. She owes her success to her mom.

Anushree completed her schooling at Shreeram Ashram in Amritsar. Her interest in the English language arose from the Phonetics classes she attended with one of her teachers Mr. Baljeet Singh. Since then she knew she wanted to build her career in English language teaching.

While she was doing her graduation, she aspired to become an ILS examiner. While chasing her dreams, she came to know about ACT and since then, there was no turning back. Pursuing a TESOL course from ACT alongside her job was the turning point of her career.

Asian College Of Teachers not only helped her in fulfilling her dreams but played a crucial role in developing both her career and character. The faculty was very supportive and cleared all her doubts and difficulties. The help and guidance that she received from Shounak Sir and Ruby Ma’am are also worth mentioning.

In Anushree’s words, “Anybody can chase his/her dream as I did with the help of ACT.”

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