Amrita Prakash Mehta

Amrita Prakash Mehta

Course done: Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling for teachers Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education Needs

Placed in: Counselor at Eurokids on consultant basis

Location: Bangalore

Amrita always had a passion to help special children and find ways for them to reach their fullest potential. This perhaps stemmed from the fact that her mother worked as a counsellor and had a background in clinical psychology. However, she managed to work towards this desire after she quit working for the corporate sector after seven long years. She had to quit her job and leave for Germany as her husband got transferred. At the same time, her son was born, and Amrita thus got occupied with the taking care of her son. Nevertheless, after returning to India, her son underwent an unprecedented cultural shock as he struggled to cope up with the new cultural norms. Particularly, Amrita observed that her son found it challenging to speak up and point out things that other kids of his age would easily do.

In the light of this, Amrita delved into studying the psychology behind why some kids take more time to communicate and fit in. This partly drove her into the spectrum of special education, and encouraged her to enrol in the Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling for teachers and Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education Needs courses at ACT. Coupled with her academic qualifications, Amrita decided to work as a freelance counselor for the parents of special children studying in her son’s school. She noticed that the students often had issues with comprehending certain topics and concentrating, and she decided to guide the parents accordingly.

Amrita is a truly noble soul who is maneuvering through her way to help special children and enable them to reach their fullest potential while achieving great feats. That said, ACT is proud to have had Amrita as one of its alumni, and wishes her profound success in her future ventures.

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