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Is Special Education Teacher A Right Career Choice for You

4th September 2020

Have you ever tried to list your skills and interests? What does it take to be a special educational educator? Is being a teacher of students with special educational needs an appropriate career choice for you? Do you know there are a huge number of children with special educational needs who need you? We all know that teachers play a critical role in the overall development of children. This becomes truthful especially when it comes to talking about all those special education tea ...


A Complete Enlightening Guide To ADHD Awareness

8th May 2019

Being a teaching professional, you would probably know your learners pretty well and situations like the ones who always answer first and the ones who couldn't! This is the most common scenario in almost all the classrooms and in each and every classroom has the above-mentioned learners. As a teacher, you know well about the brainpower of your fellow students but somehow they just cannot be able to focus on the lessons which you are working hard on to deliver to your students. Well, ADHD&rsq ...


The Strongest Role Model for the Special Child is their Mother

12th May 2018



5 Things to Care At While Counselling Students with Physical Abuse

22nd February 2018

Over the years, society had been fighting hard against the increased crime rates among and against children. Redressing such criminal offences has not only become a challenge for the families but also for the educational institutes. Thereby, educators are finding a very hard time in identifying the exact technique helping students overcome their traumas.  To understand the emotional perspectives of a child many are enrolling to do online counselling courses in India. Now, five things can be ...


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