The 7 Steps Needed For Putting Your Dream of Online Teaching into Action

1st July 2020

There’s never been a better time to become an effective online teacher. The millions of students have been affected by the COVID-19 school conclusions, and students along with teachers are facing a level of improbability with reverence to their prospects in the Covid-19 lockdown. At this time, there is a requirement to make our education models stronger by welcoming the technology into our lives.

The pre and primary teacher training focuses on the age group of 2-12 by incorporating all the worldwide teaching theories as well as methodologies by renowned academicians with years of experience. You have to know that it’s not just a typical 9-to-5 profession. If you’re going to become a pre and primary teacher, it’s significant to appreciate the time dedication that you’ll have to formulate to become an effective pre and primary teacher.

The number of learners going to school online has been rising at double-digit rates for the past decade. In the lockdown, all teachers and principals of Mumbai are following the 'Work from Home' pattern which is being initiated to carry on with their teaching as well as learning practices by using online tools. The state higher education ministry directed to change to the online systems of education to decrease the academic loss coming from the nation-wide lockdown. At present, teachers find innovative ways to engage students online by using Telegram, a chat platform where circulars, directions, suggestions along with links to different educational resources are shared.

Let’s see the necessary steps to make a good career in online pre and primary teaching:

1. Progressing Instruction

When you’ll become a teacher, your learning will never be over. You won’t simply step off the stage with just a teaching diploma in your hand. As a 21st century teacher, you need to submerge yourself in progressing education opportunities to increase your knowledge. The decade is the technological digital teaching drive and this is principally true when it comes to online teaching. With technology developments, teachers need to be familiar with how to add technology in their virtual classrooms.

2. Teaching Skills for the 21st Century

Well, there are a lot of important and necessary skills which a teaching professional should have. Remember, developing these skills is advantageous. Some of these skills consist of time proper administration, organization qualities, decisive thinking, and persistence, and so on. Well, if you don’t possess these teaching skills then take a proper time to categorize and build up to them at this instant. Without these skills, survival would be tough.

3. Grounding

Preparation or grounding is one of the most essential things to remember when it comes to teaching online. The reason is your learners are virtual in nature and you won’t get time to correct your unwanted errors in online teaching. So, you should sketch on creating daily lesson plans creatively. There are many helpful internet teaching resources that you can bring into play to facilitate your teaching. Nevertheless, it’s very significant to be flexible to best help your students.

4. Find out the Reasons for Teaching

By this point, we meant the background research. You should ask yourself why you are thinking about becoming a pre-primary teacher. What are the sources that influenced your assessment? What do you expect to bring about? Why did you decide that picky grade or age group? By finding the answers to all these behavioural questions, you will get a clear picture of your teaching practice which will play a major role in your career.

5. Remuneration

Well, the definite salary can be different based on your edification as well as the state and district in which you wish to work. No matter what, whether you are teaching online or offline (if you wish to open a YouTube channel then that’s a different case), you need to complete all the requirements checkboxes. Do some research to discover the online jobs available which pay you well. In online, you can earn on hourly basis and there are different popular teaching platforms like Udemy and Skillshare which pay reasonably well. Don’t base your whole teaching career off your first year, it takes time.

6. Parents

In online teaching, parents can be incredibly helpful as you won’t get the access to meet your learners face to face. They can be a big positive feature to help you reach their children. Nevertheless, parents can also add to your pressure sometimes as they will be concerned about their children’s education. Rather than just letting them influence your teaching style, turn them as a support to determine the best way to teach online.

7. Licensing Requirements

At present, there are no explicit licensing requirements for online teachers or instructors but the public school teachers must stick on to state licensing requirements. This includes completing bachelor's degree programs as well as teacher training programs. To teach online with authorization across state borders, some online teachers may need additional licenses, depending on the state guiding principle.

Since the detailed requirements to teach online varies depending on the company, it's essential for those pursuing a career in this field to reconsider the requirements of the jobs through an online diploma in pre and primary teacher training course. Once you teach your first online course, you will be familiar with the nature of online teaching to pursue a full-time online teaching profession. Educational institutes are in need for more instructors, both adjuncts and full-time instructors, who are trained to online teaching professionally.


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