5 Trending Teaching Approaches that You Can Apply on Your Learners

2nd April 2019

Education has never been an easy behavioural aspect with ages and every day teachers are serving the same menu like memorizing their lessons, giving lots of worksheets and homework, giving lectures on lessons and of course, repeating...repeating the same.

Well, that was established many years ago actually!

Have you ever given a thought of the fact that you are teaching the same aged teaching approaches again and again?

Or have you ever thought about the fact that why your learners are not paying attention to what you say?

Let’s imagine a common situation:

You have entered your class with lots of motivation and positivity. Then you recognised that your students are walking into the classroom, laughing loudly, talking with each other, some may even say a ‘hi’ to you and...the noise kept on increasing and louder. You started to think and asked yourself, “What can I do to grasp their attention?”

Happened many times for sure!

At the end suddenly you discovered that actually, your learners are paying attention to your class with interest. So, what you did? What made them listen to you? Or rather we can say what you can do here to grasp their attention?

An educator has to build up a good quality environment for a class in the very first place.

Let’s find out with some of the new trending teaching approaches that can actually change the behaviour of your learners:

Assign Your Learners With Learning Approaches:

This trending technique segregates your learners’ skills individually to meet their goals and objectives one by one. At first, you need to understand their needs and individuality so that you can allocate them in different-different task-based learning. The important thing here is you have to observe the ways that are helping your learners to achieve their individual goals. This will help you to create a relevant lesson plan for your learners. Thus, setting up and designing lessons aren’t about what to teach, it’s about why it’s taught.

Give a Stroke of Creativity:

Well, this is a tested technique to recognize your student’s individual creative abilities by encouraging them for creative contributions. Encourage different ideas, talk with them, try to understand their positive areas and brush up them. Each child is talented in his/her own way and being a teacher. It’s your responsibility to sharpen those creative aspects by developing their behaviour. You can add technology to your lesson plans like videos, YouTube anything that suits your requirements.

Communicate With Your Learners:

The most important thing in teaching is to communicate with students. Unless and until you communicate with them, you won’t be able to understand them. Break the ice between you and your student. Don’t let their hesitation overpower your relationship with the learner. Make yourself available for them, their queries, their concerns, their problems everything. Communication can be used in an array of ways and teachers can talk with their learners through sign language even.

Strategic Designed Method To Think:

Another trending method of teaching-learning process is planned thinking method. This is nothing but a method that is based on real life cases and situations through group discussions, debates, analysis, brainstorming, fostering the creative ideas, innovation and so on. This method prepares your learners for a real world by arousing their inquisitiveness, critical skills and resourcefulness.

Flipped Classroom:

While the previous method is all about real life teaching practices this approach focuses on encouraging the learners to prepare themselves for the lessons before you teach them. Here what happens is, students set up a learning topic at their house so that they can devote themselves to answer any questions regarding the topic. But...you must be thinking how it is possible? Well, you can just tell them the name of the topic before the class ends and the next day you will discuss that topic. This allows your students to go beyond their usual general boundaries by exploring their natural learning curiosity.

Let’s sum it up:

These modern and upgraded teaching methodologies are being unfolded in different online international teacher training programs. While the traditional teaching-learning approaches do give a firm base for successful teaching experience, but these don’t always meet contemporary students’ requirements.

So, along with traditional ways do consider these top 5 modern day teaching tactics:

  • Assigning your students works individually to understand their thought-processes by using specialised learning activities.
  • Creativity approach aids you to identify their different creative areas by encouraging them.
  • Communicating with your learners will lead to a successful relationship between you and your learners.
  • Strategically learning approach is all about developing the critical analysing capacity of your learners.
  • Flipping classroom focuses on to think beyond the usual boundaries that a classroom has.

The committed teachers are developing and moulding the learning behaviour as well as beyond the knowledge behaviour of children because Education means an overall growth of a child.


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