Organisational Membership Certificate Creates a Difference in Education System

20th March 2018


Organisation membership certification is a part of the professional membership scheme which ably provides a platform to support the cause of those who has passionately served the benchmark provided to be part of the National Quality Movement.

The Indian government, in respect of the changing waves of the education industry, and to avoid any harassment of frauds and fakes have framed this certification. It is given after inspecting the company properly in respect to their academic structure, mode of teaching, transaction, evaluation process and materials associating to the learning.

  • How is it going to affect ACT?

Officially, ACT has been declared to become a part of the change by admitting them as an Organisational Member of Quality Council of India under the specific category of Education/ Professional Institute. There are different categories laid out by the Council of India, of which ACT being an education unit falls in the above-mentioned category.

Objective: The basic aim is to effectively assure candidates of serving them better – through quality services,

  • Of knowledge content courses or lessons those are in relevance to the modern requirement of teachers. It would harp them professional and help them fetch a job. In a way, it is recognised and would act convincingly across the nation or globe while going through the process of employment.
  • Of faculty members proper globally trained individual comes to the rescue of professional or young aspirants who make lack the confidence to teach, communicate and adapt to the changing dimensions of teaching. In short, they are groomed for proper results be or beyond the class-setting, to serve the bigger picture of nation-building. Indian government have initiated the quality services more in likes to its national interests.
  • Of evaluation process – certification is awarded to those candidates who have successfully produced results. Therefore, recognising their hard work, time and money as efforts invested.

As a part of the certificate, the organisation is to abide by the policies and norms entrusted by the Government of India, specific to the QCI team. Additionally, members can quote their valid QCI Membership number in their publicity material (use of QCI Logo in any print/electronic media is strictly prohibited). Then again the members will have networking opportunities with Quality Professionals across all sectors.

These are the things which make any seeker have faith on the institute and would clear any doubts on their mind. Consequently, it becomes easy for them to invest in the courses.

P.S But this definitely does not mean the certificate members of QCI are authorised to form a membership unit in any of the board of QCI. The above mention criteria are just membership rules of the Council, of those who possess the certificate.  

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