A Heritage Trail is a Must While Your Stay in Kolkata for an In Class ITD

15th September 2017

“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you travelled.” A great quote by Prophet Mohammedreminds us the need to travel more often, for travelling is a form of education itself. Speaking of which, travelling while shaping your career and giving it a fitting start sounds like a great option! That too in the ‘City of Joy’! Kolkata has much to offer than just what meets the eye. So, while your stay in Kolkata for an In Class International Teaching Diploma, go out and indulge yourself and soak in the spirit of the city. Let us dig deeper into the details.

During the earlier times, Kolkata was the old capital city of British India and the major economical and commercial hub. So, most of the important buildings and offices were situated here, which to this day, adds to the beauty and charm of the city. City tour guides cashes in on these factors to make your trip a little more pleasant and unforgettable. Apart from these there are a few other factors that add up-to to create a beautiful heritage tour of the city. So what is a heritage trail? Heritage trails are walking trails and driving routes in urban and rural settings that are identified in most cases by signage and guidebooks as relating to cultural heritage. The heritage might be built, or it can also be cultural heritage narrative. In many countries heritage trails are self guided, and this can come in two forms. Audio tours and walk tours. In Kolkata, heritage trails are mainly walk tours, though audio tours are also available.
An in class course in ITD is among the perfect teacher training courses which gives your career as teacher a fitting start and shapes you as an excellent educator for pre-primary, Montessori and nursery. It equips you with the necessary skills and methodologies required to train and teach children. It may even land you abroad and provide a golden opportunity to work and explore the world as well.
Coming back to the walk tour discussion, let’s see what’s on our platter for a heritage trail across the city. Esplanade Mansion, Raj Bhavan, Standard Life Assurance Company Building, Dead Letter Office, Lal Dighi (heart of the Kolkata heritage walk), St Andrew’s Church, Writers Building, Calcutta Collectorate Building, GPO, Calcutta Black Hole, Royal Insurance Building, Wallace House, Metcalfe Hall, Calcutta High Court, Town Hall, and St John’s church. These are all buildings of the colonial Calcutta. To avoid the summer heat, it is advisable to explore the city in and around November- February. An early morning walk is highly recommended before the sun starts shining bright and before the traffic builds up on Kolkata roads.
This Calcutta Heritage Walk can be done by you too, all by yourself, as the West Bengal Tourism Department has put signboards at all the key buildings in the heritage part of Kolkata. These boards give a brief history of the buildings and also point out features that you should not miss observing. Of course, there is nothing like listening to the stories from someone who has been exploring Kolkata for more than two decades. That is a totally different feeling altogether.
You’ll find that exploring the city has never been better and there are some other ways to make it more interesting. Many tour companies in the city offers an excellent palette of walk tours. Apart from the architectural tour, you can choose from a cultural walk, city tour, Kolkata morning tour, street food tour, a special tour circling around Durga Puja and the holy month of Ramazan. Though some of these may fall out of the ‘heritage’ category, but still it’s worth giving a try.
While pursuing your In Class International Teaching Diploma, this tour may come as a fresh breather and give a scope to know the city from a closer angle and may leave a long-term effect on your memory. Kolkata’s warm touch, its culture, people, festivities and most importantly food, work as a beckoning factor for many who have been here and done that! Many still keep coming back just out of love for the place.

Written By: Sampa De      

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