Proactive Educational Developments In Mumbai

5th February 2018

What makes Mumbai the way it is today?

Mumbai is among the most popular cosmopolitan centres of India, a business and entertainment capital, the bustling city of dreams, also known as the city that never sleeps. The city means very different things to different people, home to over 12 million people.

Mumbai is the busiest city in India which is known for its 24/7 running nature, infrastructure, population and food. With the ever-changing scenario of education in this happening capital, there are a large plethora of options for teachers training in Teachers Training Diploma Program in Mumbai for excelling careers.

Mumbai is one of the most famous and populous cities offering students great opportunities to study and explore themselves. The moment you step into this capital of Maharashtra to pursue your dream career as a teacher, the cosmopolitan temperament of the city instantly makes you feel one with the people. 

Education development – making surges in Mumbai

With an aim to educate students from throughout the world for a life of professional achievement and service to society, Mumbai offers a plethora of opportunities. All schools in Mumbai, whether public, private or international, are affiliated with a particular board of education in India, and this dictates the curriculum the schools adhere to.

Giving emphasis on the holistic development of young learners, the Nursery Teacher Training Mumbai focuses on the inner and outer needs of children. These courses emphasise on a system of continuous qualitative assessment and attempt to expose students to a wide array of subjects and activities.

Educational organizations in Mumbai have achieved qualitative excellence and enrolment of students from the city and out of the city has been on the rise. A large number of students and teachers outside the city come to Mumbai for pursuing their career as teachers and studies as Mumbai has the excellent educational infrastructure and the best facilities are given to migrants.

Building during their prime time:

The foundation period is the prime time for children to develop fundamental skills, which prepares them to be active learners when they enter the classroom. Nursery & Teachers Training in Mumbai focuses on fulfilling the physical, emotional and mental needs of children at various stages of their life.

Early childhood education focuses on development in all areas - physical, social, emotional, cognitive and linguistic which are necessary for their overall development. This would ultimately lead to the holistic development of a child.

The research hub of India - Mumbai

Mumbai has not only been the financial capital of India since the early 19th century but has also been home to prominent education institutes since pre-independence. There were as many schools in Bombay before independence as the number of villages.

Mumbai has more than 1,000 secondary and primary schools for the education of children residing in the city. The government of Maharashtra provides for the compulsory education of the child up to the sixth grade. The initiative taken by the government has led to a high literacy rate in Mumbai.

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