Enable Young Learners to Thrive In Life

31st January 2018

With global change and development constantly on the move in the 21st century, developing the strengths of the overall progress of young learners will be equally important to prepare for the change.

Developing resilience, perseverance, courage, empathy, curiosity, leadership and ethics are the pillars, which when positively developed, will shape the young minds to meet and cope with global standards.

The role of Modern Educators:

  • Modern educators trained in the Pre-primary training course take responsibility for the young learners, preparing them for an independent life.
  • Consequently, trained teachers include and implement innovative methods of teaching and development of new skills.
  • Encouraging and praising their voice and rights in schools and the classrooms, involving them in making decisions about their own learning.
  • The main aim of primary education is to enhance the varied potentials for development and learning during the primary years.
  • Trained teachers give importance to academic literacy and lay foundations in other areas like spoken language, science, arts, humanities and the physical, emotional and moral development.

The importance of technology:

  • As technology makes our world more accessible, with increasingly diverse classrooms, students recognize the need to understand the cultures of others, as well as their own.
  • Young learners are more interested than before in being better global citizens. This also includes the use of the new technologies for lessons and assignments.
  • Teaching them about world events in the classroom allows them to study the past in order to change the future.

Making children better prepared:

  • Children engaged in quality early childhood education programs are better prepared by teachers pursuing the nursery teacher training courses for reaching better education outcomes.
  • Effective teaching and learning enable teachers to help every child achieve the highest possible standard in all aspects of their education.
  • With constant monitoring and guidance give the young learners the support to be prepared for embracing their development and growth.

Enabling the young learners to be accountable:

  • Talking to the children about the things that have been discussed in the class each day enables them to understand the importance of the topic.
  • This enhances the life lessons imparted to the young learners and helps them understand responsibility.
  • Encourage them to take small notes empowering them to become better learners and enhance the classroom teaching experience.

Enhance their thinking skills:

  • Young learners are enhanced to develop critical thinking which enables them to improve in other areas effectively.
  • Give children a new critical thinking skill like comparing and contrasting in order to facilitate learning at a higher level.
  • Enable them to be innovative and give them a task on which they can work upon by themselves.


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