How to further improve Education and Teaching in Malaysia?

15th September 2017

There have been constant speculations about improving the basic structure of education and teaching in Malaysia. The world out there is becoming highly competitive in terms of language as well as technology. Under such circumstances, it becomes all the more important to create a concrete plan for the improvement of education in the high schools and universities.

In this regard, surveys have been conducted by reputed educational institutions in the country. They have also come up with some practical ideas to bring about a change. Depending on the results of these researches and analysis of present conditions, the following points sum up the required changes carefully in clear and concise terms.

A Consistent Syllabus:
According to the educators, the Malaysian students face great difficulties in coping up with the constantly changing curriculum. And, this is not some petty issue that can be solved instantly. It poses a huge problem for the students to get acquainted with the latest syllabi if they are not given enough time to adapt. Therefore, the administrators should be a bit careful when changing the syllabi. They should make necessary changes as per the evolving technologies but, they should also keep some balance between the old syllabi and the new ones. Consistent syllabi will help the students capture the details without wasting more time in getting accustomed to the ever-changing patterns of study.

Emphasis on The English Language:
There is no doubt of the fact that English is the official business language in the world. So, every tutor should possess strong English language skills to increase students’ competence. That is why many educational institutions in Malaysia opt for certified teachers to make classroom teaching more practical. Teachers are also being hired from outside the country to encourage globalization.

Improvement in Teaching Standards:
Local teachers are good, no doubt. But, when you are talking about globalization, it is imperative to hire some reputed teachers from abroad to improve the overall quality of education. Various teacher training courses in Malaysia are evaluating the credibility of teachers from various parts of the world before hiring them with good pay packages. These teachers are uplifting the quality of education besides being a staple for globalization.

Importance of Coursework Over Exams:
All over the world, exams are being given secondary importance, coursework holding the primary position. Malaysia has to use this trend to make education more practical and real-time. The teachers should be trained to offer all types of help with respect to practicality. The students should take part in extracurricular activities, projects, and workshops to enhance their creativity. They should make the most of the available resources to boost their creative minds. They should come up with new ideas and use their education wisely. Bookish knowledge holds little value in today’s world. The educators and administrators should accept this fact and bring about a change.

Once the aforementioned factors are taken into consideration and proper measures implemented, the Malaysian students will become more competitive than ever. Many reputed institutes have started implementing new methodologies already and are witnessing huge changes in student development. These days, teacher training courses in Malaysia target those aspiring teachers who are innovative thinkers, who do not abide by the traditional principles and who have this fire inside to create history. These are the teachers who are going to shape the future of the country and help the students make their mark in the ever-competitive world.

Written By: Sampa De      

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