A Friend In Need

8th January 2018

As we traverse through the 21st century, we continue to undergo substantial and continuous changes in our personal, social, cultural and economic factors of the world. There is a growing population of children and youth who experience personal, social and economic issues and challenges in the contemporary societies.

Often more than not, children and youth get silently affected by this constantly changing and pressurising conditions. It is important to know that a trained person through the counselling course for child and youth in India plays a more effective role in helping them remain motivated and inspired to develop as positive humans.


Why counselling:

Research has shown that support and guidance offered through counselling focus on the recovery process caused by a lack of a sense of direction, a sense of purpose and a sense of fulfilment.

Counselling enables develop problem-solving skills and how to overcome negative beliefs, assumptions or expectations.  It is one of the most useful means to enable the children and youth get over the hurdles which they are unable to cope with under normal circumstances.

Counselling is an enlightened process whereby counsellors offer support and guidance through the variety of counselling course for child and youth in India aiming towards the facilitation of positive growth.

Counselling shows them the path to cope better and develop a more optimistic perspective that further enables them to feel self-empowered by gaining back their confidence and faith.


A friend in need:

Each of us faces trials in the path of life. At times, due to multiple reasons, we are unable to handle the issues and are left confused and lost, which, if neglected, can lead to going on a destructive path. 

A trained counsellor enables the children and youth to achieve positive thinking, overcoming the difficulties they are facing and begin to feel genuinely better about them.

At times it is difficult for the youth to express their difficulties with peers or parents. Being able to express themselves and have someone listen without judgment acts as a relief point for them.

That is when a trained counsellor comes to help by lending a helping hand and plays the role of a friend in need.

A counsellor listens out to them, enables them to look at issues beyond a specific boundary and heal them gradually.

A counsellor is able to offer complete understanding and empathy for the situation one is facing.

A counsellor needs to be trained to deal with these children and youth and can gain the requisite approaches and skills by pursuing the online counselling courses in India that equip them to become an efficient counsellor.

A counsellor focuses on helping people build stronger support systems and relationships that will strengthen and protect them.

Counsellors make sure that the children and youth receive the exact advice and encouragement needed to overcome whatever problems they are struggling with.

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