Why Attire Is Important For Global Classrooms

27th November 2017

Teachers are educational practitioners who bring about a large impact on the lives of students. As classrooms over the world have become more diverse in socio-cultural nature, it is important for the teacher to understand each student individually and present themselves as role models and mentors for students. The onus is on the teacher to navigate through this diversity in order for teaching and learning to take place in a systematic manner.

Educators play an important role in shaping the mindsets of the students. Thus it vital that they not only reach out to the students through modern-day methodologies and techniques but also present themselves as people students can look up to with respect and pride. These factors are covered in Teacher Training Courses, which also encompasses Montessori Teachers Training programs.

Attire reflects your purpose and value: One such factor that leaves an impact on students is the teachers clothing habits.  Clothing is an important aspect of communication that can influence the perceptions of the wearers' credibility as well as a variety of other judgments. The teacher’s outfits convey to students a message about who you are and it’s important for a teacher’s clothing to convey authority and professionalism.

The teachers training which also includes Montessori training covers training a teacher about the impression they will leave on the students. How a teacher dress sets a tone and an image. In a classroom, the teacher’s attire can largely impact the students’ opinions and create either a negative or positive type of educational climate. So teachers need to be trained about not to do anything that will leave a negative impact on the students. While clothing worn by teachers may not determine what or how students learn, they can significantly impact the level of respect that students develop for that individual.

Be one of them, yet rise above them: Teachers can establish an informal connection with the learners while still dressing in ways that convey a more business-like persona. A teacher feeling prim and proper while entering the classroom will convey that organized and in-control attitude within the students. Appearance affects how we feel about ourselves. And if we feel good about ourselves, then that’s likely to trickle into how we think and act as a teacher throughout our day. Dressing and behaving in a way that emphasizes the teacher’s position as an authority figure and a role model establishes a professional approach to their career not only in the students’ eyes but in their own mind. Such factors are trained through the variety of Teacher Training Courses that are available across the world for aspiring and practising teachers. This confidence creates a successful teacher and, consequently, a successful classroom. When building a healthy rapport with students, teachers are trained to be aware of the impression they make on their students with their appearance. By dressing professionally, teachers are giving the students and young learners an implicit message about how teachers see themselves and their tasks. The more professionally teachers dress, the more they tell the students they are important.

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