Facts About Covid19 On EFL That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

25th August 2020

The TEFL industry has faced a big blow with the coronavirus pandemic along with the consequent lockdown around the world. At present, the health and life have become the first priority for everyone. Quite obviously, a number of children and young people cannot proceed with their day-to-day study as a result of the outbreak.

So, what is its effect on the international educational activities? How will it affect the approaching TEFL education systems?

Will there still be EFL jobs for those who want to proceed to teach English as a Foreign Language? Will they be the same as before?

Well, let’s look at the larger picture. Students turned to online learning as schools closed world-wide. All the plans to travel overseas to study English have been cancelled and unfortunately, numerous teachers lost their jobs. However, there are a huge number of teachers and educational institutes who are able-bodied to accommodate their teaching into the online content. Trust us, numerous classrooms will look different post-Covid-19 and there will be fewer students in your classrooms due to the social distancing criterion.

With the identifiable emergence of e-learning, teaching is now being undertaken remotely on digital platforms and a huge number of new online EFL teachers are being hired. These companies are booming now and brand-new online teaching English organizations have come up all over the world to provide supports for this new requirement.

Actually, the fact is there was already a high evolution and acceptance in education technology even before COVID-19, with a big number of global ed-tech investments.           

So, how is the EFL sector responding to COVID-19?

Well, being constrained to teach English online has shown us that we’re all resourceful of teaching online. Now people have become acquainted with the many numerous online resources and technologies. For example, a few months ago, many people knew nothing about the Zoom app, and now people are well aware of it pretty much. The EFL teachers can start utilizing more and more technological resources in our classrooms.

It’s the perfect time for the online learning and to start teaching English online. More and more people are working from home now and teaching English online is a best-selling choice at this point in time. Well, it demands new teaching methods and strategies of learning classification.

How successfully students can learn that depends on how schools and teachers can manage their acquisition. The main component of effective evaluation lies in the teaching-learning experience that could determine the different solutions to effectual learning. The teacher recruitment is on the motion elsewhere, and the online ESL teachers are drowning in online classes. All of the circumstances, it is good to acquire as much online English teaching experience as possible, thus, this is actually grace in disguise.

Well, the fight against coronavirus is a test of courageousness and persistence, and as there are so many EFL teachers who are wishing to work online right now, different companies are also only looking at candidates who are qualified enough. By pursuing a TEFL course, you can prove your employers along with your students that you are well-trained for the job and you’re willing to put time into your own professional development. After that, you need to look at the different online teaching English organizations and start applying to the vacancies. The great thing is you can also be a freelance teacher and you can teach without any prior experience as well. Marketing yourself is crucial and you can save up our hard-earned wealth for the future when the world opens up again!


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