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21st November 2017

Hyderabad is considered as a prime destination for higher learning in southern India. The higher educational scenario in the city has attracted students from all over India and also from abroad.

Add more pearls to your teaching career: Termed as "the city of pearls", Hyderabad is the 'historic old city' with breath-taking architecture and natural beauty. Hyderabad has the envious mix of work opportunities as well as pleasure for locals and visitors alike. Teacher training in Hyderabad gives the opportunity to aspiring and practising teachers to learn the modern day educational methodologies and enjoy the life that Hyderabad offers.

As Hyderabad lays great emphasis on education, the teachers training programs that can be pursued, ensures teachers undergo a qualitative training programme. Training programs for teachers of all grades ensure that they are steeped in research-proven curricula and social justice. Teacher training programs in Hyderabad can gain certifications to teach multiple grade levels, from kindergarten to high school. They can specialize in different subjects also.

A movement that makes the positive impact: Teachers have the ability to make a positive impact on their students. Trained teachers are not only role models, but also set high expectations and motivate the students to meet the expectations and impacts of globalization. As students strive for excellence, teachers assist students in meeting their highest potential through daily lessons. Teachers make a contribution to the society by preparing students for their real-world endeavours. Teachers work on curriculum enrichment with additional activities for students to advance during learning in their area of interest. Such workshops offer tools and techniques for educators to help students develop a variety of their skills which can focus on out-of-the-box thinking, self-confidence, leadership, and respect for peers.

Teaching and learning go hand in hand and teaching is truly a lifelong achievement. It is a known fact that students who have well-trained teachers tend to perform far better than others. Thus it is very important that the administrative departments of educational institution and organizations management /leadership team pay attention to professional development by conducting teachers’ workshop.

Unite, train and teach: Professional development is the need of the hour and continuous teacher training/enhancement is necessary for teachers to equip them & cater seamlessly to the 21st-century learner. This can be achieved by involving teachers in specially crafted workshops that hone their skills on an individual basis. Teachers’ workshops are designed to provide teachers with ways to implement practical teaching and learning strategies that meet the diverse learning needs of students. These workshops explore ways to teach teachers with varied educational needs that can help them learn effectively. Every teacher has a responsibility to meet the learning needs of each student individually, and a teachers workshop takes the teacher through the journey of the knowledge of a broad range of instructional strategies and methods. These workshops are interactive and experiential, dedicated to helping teachers and their students learn how to be more proactive.

Teachers must learn to collaborate, innovate and reflect and that’s where professional development through such workshops comes to play. A teacher’s workshop gives a brief walkthrough to teachers on such subjects that give them an edge over the others.


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