Activities Making Grammar Learning Fun and Meaningful

17th November 2017

What is Grammar and how important it is for the Young Learners?

In simple terms, we can define Grammar as the way in which words are put together to form a proper sentence. There are certain structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases and words. Young Learners usually dislike learning grammar as it as is difficult and boring, plus it does not give you the visible results right away. However, we all believe that teaching grammar is important, and it helps students to start speaking and writing correctly. Teachers, therefore, are looking for ways to make Grammar learning fun and meaningful. When students are able to enjoy the lessons, they are more likely to pay attention. Teachers looking to know the various new and fun ways to incorporate Grammar teaching techniques to their students may enrol for a course from the many Teachers Training Courses in India. Teaching Grammar is certainly a fast catching up course for teachers training to help the teachers with their teaching methods.

Why Teachers should introduce fun activities to teach Grammar

1.      Students develop a competitive element

In the classroom, Grammar games not only motivate the students but also boost the idea of competition. Like they say, a bit of healthy competition never hurts anyone. Students will strive to be their very best when thrown into action, and they will need to outperform their peers and surpass their own expectations.

2.     Promote cooperative learning

When the students compete in small groups, they facilitate bonding between themselves and between the students and teacher. Students need to assist their classmates and cheer them on when competing in teams or pairs. Everyone will pitch into the group effort in order to succeed!

Different ways to make Grammar learning fun and meaningful

1.      Games - Playing games will make learning a lot easier

We can apply grammar and use it in a fun way thereby ensuring better possibilities of retaining them. They will be able to practice and internalize grammar phenomena extensively rather than just learning a bunch of rules superficially. The grammar lectures about the differences between the present simple and the present continuous are always boring but yes for sure, you will still need lessons, but the enthusiasm your students have for games and being classroom champions will carry them through. Both adults and children love these. This will often get the students motivated to get the answers right and therefore allow them to learn in a much faster way. We can incorporate games like puzzle, crosswords, Bingo etc.

2.     Story Telling

The students perhaps get to form a “story stick” whereby everyone contributes a line to the overall story. The students write it on the board and once done then the teacher can correctly point out the mistakes.

3.     Music

Music always works wonders for all age groups. It often relaxes the students and brings down the ‘affective filter’ which helps the students to absorb more.  By singing phrases, this will become embedded in the mind a lot faster. We can introduce worksheet based on different components of grammar.

                                             Hence it is well understood that the best way to teach grammar is through lots of activities which are fun-filled and meaningful, enabling the learners to absorb and retain more.


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